Huckleberry Rick Shows Up On O’Reilly

Rick Perry 2012The Rick Perry 2012 campaign took another step into the electoral grave earlier this week on O’Reilly. As I watched, I started squirming a little. Kind of the way I do when an American Idol contestant gets up to sing, and she’s really bad, but doesn’t know it.

I wanted Perry to do well.

He was my guy, at least before he actually got into the race. I watched him give one bad answer after another. Well, it’s not that the answers were bad…they were just….nothing. He said a bunch of words that meant nothing.

I got the distinct feeling I was watching the modern political incarnation of Huckleberry Hound.

Right down to the Texas drawl and slow, almost disinterested delivery, Rick Perry is now Rick “Huckleberry” Perry.

There was no vision. No passion. No convincing. Nothing. Blah. There was just nothing.

Watch this and tell me I’m wrong…

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