Could Newt Be The Guy?

I haven’t given Newt Gingrich much interest in the GOP primary so far.  Mostly because I feel (felt?) like I knew him.  During the 1994 Republican revolution, Newt led the way.  He authored the Contract With America and proved himself to be not just a brilliant problem solver, but also someone who could maneuver through the congressional gauntlet.

Then came the demonization.  I can’t point to anything specific, but I do remember Newt being just savaged by the press.  He cheated on his wife.  Wasn’t there something about a book deal?

In retrospect, I can’t think of anything he did wrong.  But man, his name is associated with downright EVIL.  Ah, the power of the main stream media.  Remember, this is before blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.  Heck, most people didn’t have Internet access.

I watched Newt answer some questions at the Faith and Freedom Conference in Iowa.


I have never – never – heard a politician talk this way about the Constitution and how our Republic is supposed to function.  Particularly, in response to a question about abortion, Newt give the most compelling answer I could have imagined.

Listen for yourself.  The video is long, but if you start it at about 5:10 you’ll hear the part to which I refer.

Maybe Newt is our guy after all?


  1. I really didn’t want to see him run, but I have to admit, Newt Gingrich makes a very compelling case for his candidacy. At the very least, he is trying to keep the focus on the issues. I also like what he said about the judicial system. The next President would do will to heed his advice.

  2. Wow. What a catch! What kind of genius picked that out?


    It’s funny…I never caught the beginning of this before. I’m really not a fan of his energy policy, but that segment on the Courts was fantastic.

  3. Deepest apologies! A big hat tip to @WDPorter – he brought this clip to my attention several days before posting. All credit for the find belongs with him.

    I’ve listened and re-listened to this and it becomes more compelling each time. The implications of his words are far reaching.

    Now….need to put some thought into the politics of this. Can Newt actually win? And…what’s the deal with that stupid Nancy Pelosi Global Warming commercial. Ugggh

    Thanks again, Butch for the find. Sorry not to have given credit where it was due…

  4. I firmly believe that Newt Gingrich is our best choice for President in 2012, and this video is a clear demonstration of what brought me to that conclusion.

  5. Google Newt and the Third Way. He is a globalist and in favor of a socialist one world government. Now he’ll never say that out loud, but his every action of the last 20 years screams it. The NAFTA and GATT treaties sold out our manufacturing base. He backed legislation that allowed the Feds to buy up huge parcels of land out West, moving private land to the state, and you’ve got the whole global warming thing, which was a globalist plot to tax us for breathing. He considers himself an internationalist, with Henry Kissinger his foreign policy mentor when he was in the house. Henry Kissinger is the guy who said “the illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a while longer.” Newt supported UN peacekeeping missions for our military, the UN Goals 2000 program, and other UN programs.

    Larry McDonald, the most patriotic congressman I think we’ve ever had said that Gingrich was not a man to be trusted. How ironic that Newt wound up representing his district after McDonald’s plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan.

    When Ron Paul sought to be elected to the House after being away for 10 years in 1996, Newt sought 50 members of Congress to endorse Dr. Paul’s opponent in the TX primary and Pres. George HW Bush campaigned for Dr. Paul’s opponent at Gingrich’s request. Why so scared, Newt?

    You might as well vote for Obama if you vote for Newt, they’re going to take you to the same place, they’ll just use different Orwellian Newspeak terms to get you there.

  6. I have a lot of respect for Newt. He did a lot for the Republicans back in ’94.

    And then he got seduced by big gov’t. Things went downhill, culminating in the defeat of 2006. And the commercial with Pelosi on the couch speaking about AGW… I can’t get over that.

    All that being said, I think the experience has taught him that he can no longer “reach across the aisle” to the dems, only to the reps. But be wary about him dealing with the RINO contingent.

  7. @Republican Mother – I share some of your concerns, I really do. A thinking friend of mine recently said to me that we need politicians who have the correct thinking process. It’s okay to come to a bad decision now and then, but if decisions are made by emotional drivers, or with an attempt to pander, then the politician gets no slack.

    The right thought process is one that begins with the conservative philosophy. That is, start with a strict interpretation of the Constitution, vigorous defense of private property rights, a narrow definition of “general welfare,” and a perfectly cynical eye on the federal government. Start there and most decisions will be sound, though some dogs may get through.

    There is an argument to be made that Newt has the right thought process, but has allowed himself to be bogged down in process and politics, perhaps once too often. A few dogs on his record, for sure.

    Still, his comments in the video are – at minimum – ideas that should be expanded upon. These are the types of things I’d like to hear at the debates….

  8. Good piece on Newt, Harry.

    I’m in the same boat. I was very active in the 1994 Congressional race (GA-8) that gave us our first GOP congressman (Saxby Chambliss) in the district’s history. Without Newt and the Contract with America, I am certain it would not have happened. So, when Newt made his personal mistakes, I was devastated. It seemed that Newt had betrayed us.

    It’s now 17 years later and I still have some anger about that. but the time has come to let it go. Am I sold on Newt? No, Can I consider Newt? Absolutely; he may well be our best candidate.

    Good site!

  9. Justin Brock says

    In response to that video, everyone should watch this one

    The whole video is excellent, but it gets really scandalous around 27:50

  10. @Justine Brock – That is a good video, thank you for linking. The John Birch crowd has some compelling points, for sure. I think there is something that this illustrates well: The conversation cannot be about how much to trim and how to balance a budget. The conversation must be to dismantle the oppressive apparatus that is our federal (national?) government. For too long, the question has been “how much can we afford” and not “does the Constitution allow for this in the first place?”

    Unfortunately, there are no candidates who are Constitutionalists. Maybe Ron Paul, I suppose.

    At any rate, all conservatives should listen to these videos and decide for themselves.


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