Ron Paul, God and Freedom

Ron Paul NewsOver at the Republican Mother there is an interesting piece today.  She is responding to a New American post about why Republicans seem to dislike Ron Paul.  Republican Mother hits on some potent themes, each of which should be discussed and understood by every patriotic American.  The ideas presented warrant further comment…

First, the Republican Mother says about God:

He preferred a creation in which humans were free, for only with free agents could He have a genuine relationship. However, the freedom to accept God’s offer of friendship inescapably entails the freedom to reject that offer. To put it another way, the freedom to do good is also the freedom to do evil.

Since God is a prerequisite, freedom and God are inseparable. After all, if one man is the arbiter of freedom over another, well that’s not really freedom, is it?  The notion of freedom granted by God is the very foundation of our Republic.  To deny this, is willful subjugation.

RM goes on to say:

A big part of why Republicans can’t stand Ron Paul is a pride issue where they have emotionally invested themselves in failed ideas or on labeling themselves as hard-core conservatives. Everyone knows a hard-core conservative blows up bad guys. Hopefully, with the out and out Marxist in the White House, they will recognize that scenario where those in control of the “defense” of our country are in no way, necessary loyal to it at all. What if they are loyal to the coming One World Socialist Order? hmmmm?

Conservatism has been successfully re-defined. The likely culprit is the Cold War and Reagan’s victory. Since that time, conservatives have maintained a hawkish posture if for no other reason than mimicking flattery. Indeed, the true conservative position is non-interventionist. Today, the talking heads wrongly push this notion into whacky libertarian territory.  Any mention of Ron Paul’s position is met with outright scorn.

RM concludes:

I also believe that Ron Paul as President would be a fitting way to redeem our nation in God’s eyes, for I truly believe he is a man after God’s own heart. I know that sounds pretty corny, but I really honor his sincerity and honesty. Remember that there is a judgment of the nations coming up and I’d like for us to be able to pull out of this statism or at least be caught trying to.

Indeed, it will take a cataclysmic event to steer our Republic back onto a righteous path. That cataclysm might be electoral, or economic, or some shape I dare not mention, but it will take a mighty shift to undo the damage caused by evil men.




  1. Thanks for the spotlight, Harry!

    I would also add that during the Cold War it was democrats who got us into military conflicts and Republicans were elected to get us out. However, the studious scholar knows that these actions were the products of CFR engineering more than political party. Ron Paul is the only candidate whom I could discuss that with and he would totally understand and enlighten me further.

  2. You’re very welcome! There are some important issues that Ron Paul is bringing up that deserve attention. LD Jackson over at Political Realities has done a great job at highlighting many of them, as does your post.

    The conservative movement needs to have the conversation about our proper role in the world and the priorities of the GOP. A few things that come to mind are: The Fed, military deployments, constitutionality of various departments, federal land ownership, land/environmental regulations, regulations in general…. Somehow, traditional conservative ideas have been labeled fringe libertarian.

    You have an excellent blog – I’ll be linking to you from the blog roll…

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