What’s The Green in Obama’s Energy Scam? Your Wasted Dollars

Obama Solyndra ScandalI know… If we just send Barack Obama more money, he’ll change the weather!

Really quite absurd, isn’t it?

Let’s take it to its logical conclusion…

If climate change is happening because of greedy Americans and corporations and we can reverse it by sending more money to the federal government, what will they do with the money?

First it was global cooling.

Then it was global warming.

Now it’s just climate change in general.

So, I suppose if we send Obama more money he’ll stop the climate from changing?

I’m in!  Let’s do it!


The absurdity of the entire thing doesn’t deter our Commie in Chief.  Obama is hell bent on throwing money at his cronies in the green movement.  I think in part to continue the bankruptcy of the USA and also in part to help knock down America’s global stature.

Here’s a new piece by Americans For Prosperity that is a must see for those who care about our country:

“President Obama spent $535 million of taxpayer stimulus money to prop up Solyndra, a solar panel company run by his political campaign contributors. Even though Department of Energy and White House staffers warned that the company’s business model would never work, the loan was rushed out the door anyway. Now that Solyndra has gone belly up, taxpayers are left holding the bill.

When government steps in to pick winners and losers based on politics it opens the door to even more crony capitalism. As we’ve already seen with Solyndra, government betting taxpayer dollars on unproven technologies is a very bad deal. A restrained federal government that doesn’t have taxpayer cash to spread around is essential to stopping the crony capitalism that’s ruining our markets.


  1. We have a similarly inclined soft fascist in charge of our country, she has instituted a tax on carbon dioxide mouthing some bullsh*t about it being a pollutant. Initially she lied that she wouldn’t do it, then the people demanded she keep her promise. But being the leftist scumbag she is, she lied and shoved it down our throats anyway.

    No matter how useless or stupid these green schemes are, leftists will never tired of throwing other peoples money at them.

  2. Solyndra is peanuts compared to what this administration gave Spain:


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