Romney vs. McCain – Krauthammer’s Real Question

Republican Presidential PrimaryCharles Krauthammer wrote a cheerleader piece for Mitt Romney in Human Events this morning.  The piece is entitled Mitt vs. Newt.

Yeah right.

Krauthammer should have titled the piece “Why You Should Pick Romney Over Newt.”  At least he would have been openly honest about it.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not suggesting Charles is being disingenuous, he’s merely allowing the reader to come to a conclusion by his design.

Call it “Spin Selling for Politics.”

First, Krauthammer summarizes Romney:

So what is he? A center-right, classic Northeastern Republican who, over time, has adopted a specific, quite bold, thoroughly conservative platform. His entitlement reform, for example, is more courageous than that of any candidate, including Barack Obama.

To be fair, Krauthammer points out Romney’s deficiencies, too:

Nevertheless, the party base, ostentatiously pursuing serial suitors-of-the-month, considers him ideologically unreliable.

Then, he summarizes Gingrich:

…what distinguishes Gingrich from Romney — and mitigates these heresies in the eyes of conservatives — is that he authored a historic conservative triumph: the 1994 Republican takeover of the House after 40 years of Democratic control.

Krauthammer also makes sure to point out Gingrich’s “…history of flip-flops, zigzags and mind changes even more extensive than Romney’s — on climate change, the health care mandate, cap-and-trade, Libya, the Ryan Medicare plan, etc.

And then, the big finish:

This is a weak Republican field with two significantly flawed front-runners contesting an immensely important election. If Obama wins, he will take the country to a place from which it will not be able to return (which is precisely his own objective for a second term).

Every conservative has thus to ask himself two questions: Who is more likely to prevent that second term? And who, if elected, is less likely to unpleasantly surprise?

So, although the piece is titled Mitt vs. Newt, what Krauthammer really means is, Romney is the best choice, but can he step up where McCain failed so miserably?

I’m thinking yes, Romney will be much better than McCain.  McCain was an old crank, with a list of progressive legislative endeavors that rivals many democrats.  Romney is polished, smooth and has the economic chops to wipe the floor with Obama.

That said, what we (conservative movement types) yearn for, is a constitutional conservative, who will also wipe the floor with Obama.


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