Trim Government and Cut Taxes? No Way!

The federal government is about to shut down again.


With any luck, the shut down will last a long time.  At least that way we won’t have legions of unelected career bureaucrats making rules about how the rest of us should live.

The House passed Obama’s tax cut and now the Democrats are threatening to block it.

Gerry Connolly, Virginia’s lefty extraordinaire, said:

Attaching these riders are the kind of stunts that have made the American public cynical about Washington…

I am curious, in Connolly’s socialist mind, what parts of the bill are stunts?

  • Eliminating premium subsidies for the National Flood Insurance Program?
  • Prohibiting millionaires from collecting unemployment?
  • Rules preventing Social Security overpayments?
  • Freezing pay for federal workers?
  • Blocking pay raises for Congress?
  • Drug testing for extended unemployment recipients?
  • GED programs for those receiving unemployment and who do not have a High School diploma?


The truth is that Connolly will be against anything that encourages personal responsibility.  This law begins to trim government abuses and overpayments, while taking measures to help people become self-sufficient.

If unemployed people become self-sufficient, where would that leave Connolly and his ilk?

In the highest degree of irony, self-sufficiency in citizens would leave Connolly unemployed.

A little wishful thinking never hurt anybody…

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