Mark Levin Does It Again

Ameritopia - Mark LevinMark’s new book hit the stands today.  I can’t wait to read it.

I think Liberty & Tyranny, Mark’s last book, changed the course of American political discourse.

Think about what I just said!

I really believe this to be true.  When I read L&T I was thunderstruck.  Never before had I read something that so crystalized just what “liberty” meant.

And this is coming from someone who reads a TON of this stuff.  I’ve read em all!

So, Ameritopia is on the news stands.  I ordered my copy this afternoon and will post a review after I do.

BUY IT HERE – Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America

In the meantime, here’s a little excerpt from David Limbaugh’s review from Human Events:

Levin takes us through the seminal thoughts of some of the most noted political philosophers and writers who laid out the utopian vision — from Plato to Thomas More, Thomas Hobbs and Karl Marx — and then unpacks the contrasting vision of John Locke, Baron de Montesquieu and others whose ideas greatly influenced America’s founders.

Liberal utopianism is a fantasy of arrogant philosophers and philosopher kings who believe their vision is superior to those of other lowly mortals. Levin calls them the “masterminds” — the latest and most prominent being President Barack Obama and his cadre of utopian elitists. They believe they are proponents of enlightenment thinking and rationalism who could construct the ideal society if deniers and other obstructionists would just get out of their way.

In reality, however, they couldn’t be more irrational, as they reject human nature, history and all empirical evidence that contradicts their vision. Indeed, writes Levin, “utopianism is regressive, irrational, and pre-Enlightenment.”

History and the whole of human experience be damned; utopians can achieve the ideal society even if all similar utopians who preceded them failed. As Levin says, they always believe that “what went before them” was “piecemeal and therefore inadequate. The steps necessary to achieve true utopianism have yet to be tried.”



  1. Frank Shannon says:

    Mark is a mensch, politically and otherwise. He’s one of the rare genuinely honest and genuinely conservative conservatives out there. Wish he’d get wider exposure.

  2. “genuinely conservative conservatives…”

    A rare breed these days, indeed!

    To many people who don’t follow politics the way we do, there is no difference between Republican and Conservative. We need to shout about the differences from every high rock…

  3. Chase Funkhouser says:

    About a third through. Very interesting and enlightening how Mark relates the teachings and philosophies of the past to modern politics.

    Great read so far. Mark is a original thinker and great resource for Conservatives.

  4. Great to see you on here, Chase!

    i’m jealous – I’ve been slacking on reading lately.

    If one thing is for sure, history repeats itself. I’ll be interested to see if this book takes off the way L&T did…

  5. hahaha i thought you were canillg david cameron a tool, and i was like no of course there won’t be a tool like that on every poster, there is nobody to equal his tool-ness ; )


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