The Angry Black Woman

Michelle Obama - Angry Black WomanThe left is all up in arms about Michelle Obama’s image.

Michelle herself didn’t think it was (is) fair that she was portrayed as an “angry black woman.”

(By the way – those are her words, nobody else’s.)

Newsflash – Michelle Obama does come off as an angry black woman.  Great description, Michelle.

So, anyone want to tell me just what the hell an “angry black woman” is?  This, as opposed to an “angry white woman?”  Or how about an”angry chinese woman?”

Yes, Michelle Obama is black.  We all know that.  Boy, do we all know it.  The left will not let any piece of analysis or coverage slip through without beating us all over the head with this insignificant fact.

And therein lies the problem.

The left is so preoccupied with color, race, and any other type of disempowered status they can bestow on some group of people, that even in describing a personality trait, why race MUST be part of it.

One wonders, just what would happen if people were just seen as people, regardless of their color or race?

That’s a novel idea!  Wait, didn’t someone think of that before?

(PS – a thinking friend of mine read this and told me that it’s the angry Chinese women you’ve gotta watch out for.  They’re the real danger!)


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