The Death of the Main Stream Media

Newt Gingrich Slams John KingIt’s over, I think.  The main stream media is dead.

(Insert Ding Dong song from Wizard of Oz here.)

By 2003, the scourge of the Internet – these creatures known as “bloggers” – started appearing in large numbers.

By the 2006 election, there were a few news stories about how the Internet was having an impact.  The dinosaurs at ABC, NBC and CBS were mumbling about “social media” though none of them knew what it was.

Between 2006 and 2009 the main stream media – called “MSM” by blogger types – was losing ground, and losing it fast.  The term “Lame Stream Media” became a regular part of the vernacular. I forget who coined the term. Michelle Malkin? Bernie Goldberg?

By 2009, the Tea Party was born and it spread like wild fire because of the new media.

Sure, the networks get millions of viewers on their nightly newscasts.  But Americans LIVE on the Internet.  Hours and hours are spent on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Forums.  The combined voices of self-published analysts are far louder than a stiff network anchor with a leftist bone to pick.

Last night, Newt Gingrich called John King part of the “elite media.”

The crowd went CRAZY.

I don’t think the audience at the South Carolina debate was cheering Gingrich because they were Gingrich supporters.  They were cheering Gingrich because he finally said out loud what so many Americans think:

The main stream media are a bunch of hatchet job hacks, just tabloid jackoff’s with expensive stylists.

How refreshing it was to hear a politician speak truth to power.  Save Chris Christie, I can’t imagine another candidate saying what Newt said.

If you didn’t see it, here it is in all it’s glory:


  1. The lamestream media is dying. Look at the numbers for MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and CBS. They are being slaughtered by Fox News, because even though there is a slant to the right of center, they at least show some attempt at trying to be balanced. But you’re right (I was going to use the word “correct” but in deference to your blog I chose the “right” word), the blogs are kicking butt because opinions vary. When we have a real menu of how people cook the facts to create the mental meal, we can select from it. We can choose different parts of the menu on any given day. But when you have cretins like Chris-the-Tingle-Goes-All-The-Way-Up-Matthews, you are stuck eating the same crap every day. Oh, and crap it is.

  2. Hiya, Rob – I couldn’t agree more. And thanks for coming by! Being right is fun….

    Fox is indeed kicking butt. I tell you though….I have noticed a subtle shift in Fox from right of center to center. Maybe it’s just that they’ve picked up a few analysts from the soon-to-be-defunct other networks and the lefty slant is coming along for the ride.

    I’ll even take this one step further….I think the broadcast media is dying too. All of it.


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