When Republicans Act Like Clowns

Republican DebateThe Republican debate of the day is whether or not Mitt Romney is an evil economic home wrecker.

Someone want to tell me how the heck we got here?

I have an idea…  you see, the Republican presidential candidates are acting like clowns.

Actual circus clowns, complete with red noses and rainbow-colored hair.  I can just see Rick Perry playing a life sized whack-a-mole in a rodeo barrel, while Newt Gingrich, in giant clown shoes, goes running into a wall head first, like Gus Frerotte after a great win:

The Republican debates have been worn out. They jumped the shark after Newt Gingrich lambasted the Press back in August of last year.

So the debates are now like a three-ring circus.

Except now, these clowns are doing real harm.

We’ve got an unemployment rate that’s going down because people are giving up. That’s right, we’re not adding jobs, the labor department is just reducing the number of total jobs.

What a pathetic fact.

We’ve got a President, not content in adding $5 Trillion to the national debt in three years, angling to add another Trillion to it.

We’ve got regulations strangling the energy industry, and a president who has said publicly that his energy plan would “necessarily skyrocket prices” and the he’d like to see gas prices “increase gradually.”

I paid $77 to fill up the tank in my Tahoe yesterday. Still not enough for you, Barry?

We’ve got a congress who declared themselves exempt from insider trading laws.

We’ve got a government who has decided it’s a good idea to be able to detain American citizens, in the United States, indefinitely, without charges being made, and without a judge. This is all up to the President.

What Constitution?

All this – and I’m only scratching the surface – all this and Newt Gingrich is wasting air time talking about whether or not Mitt Romney had the right intentions when we went out to make money for himself?

All this, and we have to listen to Rick Perry waxing demagogic about “vulture capitalism?”

Romney, to his credit, is at least attacking the right political target, Newt attack ads notwithstanding.

So, we’re left with a Republican debate about which candidate is less evil, which Republican candidate is sufficiently liberal, and which Republican is sufficiently anti-capitalist.

We’re left with a clown show.

Way to go, GOP.

By the way, where the hell is the GOP Chairman? More to the point… WHO is the GOP chair?



  1. “Acting” like clowns”? Clown “show”? No, those guys are the real deal. Real clowns. The joke is the spectacle of the knee jerk zombies who actually support those pathetic jerks. Given the republican presidential list of likely candidates, president Obama has got the next election in the bag.

  2. Hi Lou –

    Your comment that the joke is the spectacle of the knee jerk zombies supporting them is all wrong…

    I think quite the opposite, actually. In this primary season we’ve seen an amazing ebb and flow of support shift as rank and file Republicans and conservatives – particularly conservatives – try to figure out which candidate will best represent their interests. This is not a knee jerk reaction at all, but an analytical one.

    I can’t speak for the millions of other people, but for me, I started with Bachmann. (I actually have a draft post – never published – titled “Why Can’t We All Just Get Behind Bachmann?” I never published it because before I could, I changed my mind.

    So, this wasn’t a knee jerk reaction. It was strategic. It became clear to me that although Michelle Bachmann was closest to me ideologically, she had no chance to win. Her candidacy became a moot point.

    I think many people shared this sentiment. Moving through last Summer supporting Bachmann, then Cain, then whoever was thought to be a solid conservative, but who also could win.

    None of this can be construed as knee jerk. As people gather facts and are exposed to the candidates, they are making decisions based on more and more evidence (and emotion, too).

    So, yes, definitely acting like clowns – at least they were in the days between Iowa and South Carolina. But the rest of your characterization is not apparent to me. Quite the opposite really.

    Incidentally, “zombies” hardly describes people who shift opinions based on experience and fact gathering. So, not sure where you’re coming from there…though I could guess.

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