At Some Point, Obama’s Failures Seem Purposeful

Obama EconomyMany conservatives were roundly castigated for claiming, “Obama wants to destroy the country” from the earliest days of his reign.

“Give him a chance,” they said.

“You’re just eating sour grapes from losing the election,” they told us.

Well, at some point, you’ve got to step back and look at Obama’s policies and ask yourself, “Self, why would anybody do these things if they want America to prosper?”


Here’s a quick run down – incomplete by a country mile:

1) Passed Obamacare – 2700 pages of new regulations and it’s only a fraction of what is to come.  Most of Obamacare gives Health and Human Services the authority to develop policy over time.  Not to mention the assault on our freedom, compelling private citizens to enter into contracts with private companies.

2) Cap and tax regulations on the energy industry.  Congress rejected Cap & Trade.  So what did Obama do?  Just instituted the regulations through the bureaucracy.  Not only did he circumvent the Constitution, but he did it so that “energy prices would necessarily skyrocket.”  Don’t believe me?  Watch this:

3) Dodd-Frank legislation. This – another – massive piece of legislation puts a stranglehold on capital investment and requires a mountain of bureaucratic paperwork to be completed by investment houses and brokerage firms of all kinds. Combined with the massive Sarbanes Oxley compliance costs, and there is an undeniable regulatory boot on the neck of American business.

4) Rejection of Keystone XL.  The Keystone Pipeline would bring thousands of barrels of oil every day down from Canada and also create tens of thousands of new jobs.  Obama rejected it.

5) Delays on Gulf drilling.  Obama is holding back permits to drill the gulf while at the same time funneling billions of dollars to Brazil for it’s energy exploration and production.

6) Sitting out the rise of Islamist dictators in the middle east.  Obama sat on the sidelines while Libya was thrown into turmoil.  Instead of a controllable dictator, now we have an Islamist regime.  Obama threw Mubarak under the bus in Egypt, and now the Muslim Brotherhood has control of the country, and is refusing to allow US Citizens to leave Egypt, pressing trumped up charges against them.

7) Obama added $5 Trillion to the national debt and is currently asking for another Trillion.

Seven quick examples.  So let’s ask the question again…

Why would any reasonable person do these things?

Instead of doing things that would help us, like lowering taxes and burdensome regulation, reducing spending, and standing up strong in the face of enemies who seek our destruction, Obama is taking the opposite tact:

Increasing regulation, sitting weak in the face of our enemies, and undermining US energy production.

At some point you have to think that he is doing this on purpose.  No reasonable person would think that new regulation, reduction in domestic energy production and a weak foreign policy would be good, would they?

The answer is stark – at least to me – and it is disturbing.  Obama wants the country to fail.  Forget about wanting Obama to fail, he wants the country to fail.

As evidenced by his policies, how could you come to any other conclusion?