Liberals Banning Sweets on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a terrible thing. Chocolate candies, jelly beans, and God forbid Peeps!

The Principle at Horace Mann School near Boston is fed up. He thinks that Valentine’s Day candy is a very bad thing, and so has banned it from his school.

The school sent an email home to parents saying that any candy on Valentine’s Day violated the schools prohibition against “food sharing” (oh, the horror!) and also ran against efforts to help children make healthy choices.

This morning, I saw a school administration official claiming that it was more about protecting students who have food allergies.

But I found the real reason for this politically correct madness.

The email sent home to parents included this sentence:

“This year, as children decorate cards, write poems, and send notes, I am asking that parents eliminate sending candy, treats and snacks as part of the gift giving tradition,” (My emphasis added.)

This stupid prohibition is nothing more than yet another liberal attempt to strip tradition out of the minds of our kids.  They want our kids to be mind-numbed drones who grow up to preach more politically correct nonsense.

And let’s not forget the idiots in the LA Unified Schhol District trying to make kids eat brown rice cutlets (whatever the hell that is) and Quinoa (whatever the hell that is).  The students quickly developed a lunch black market for all the good stuff.

So I ask you…  what will it take for these self-righteous, holier than though, liberal jackasses to get run from the schools once and for all?


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