Obamagenics – The Systematic Destruction of a Country

What has Obama done?  What are his greatest accomplishments?  Well, I’d say waking up the Conservative Movement is at the top of the list.  Obama’s list of accomplishments is long.

The only problem is that he is accomplishing exactly what he set out to accomplish: the destruction of the United States, so that he can re-make it in his sick, twisted image.

Ha! I just coined a new term:

Obamagenics – /O-bah-muh-jen-iks/ noun: the systematic and planned destruction of a free market economy and the subjugation of a populace.

It’s true. Going back some three years we wrote that Obama’s policies are so destructive, he is either stupid, or evil. I’ve come to believe it’s a combination of both:

He is evil in that he wants to destroy the country and remake it into some socialist wasteland, but stupid because he doesn’t realize that the American people won’t stand for it.

Well, at least I hope he’s wrong. If he wins a second term, maybe too many people in this country have been too damaged by ingested leftist poison.

Then, we’re in trouble.

This morning Human Events published a piece that outlines 10 reasons why people should vote for anybody other than Barack Hussein Obama.   Here is the Human Events list of reasons why we shouldn’t vote Obama in for a second term…

  1. Mountain of debt
  2. ObamaCare demise
  3. Capitalism reasserted
  4. Energy myopia
  5. Class warfare
  6. Judicial nominations
  7. Regulatory overkill
  8. Union coddling
  9. War on terror
  10. Leadership deficit

Good list, eh?

I’d say that the biggest single thing Obama has done aside from awakening the Conservative spirit, is to frame all policy matters in a lie.  Well, one lie after another.

When Obama says he has created or saved millions of jobs, do you think he is being honest?  When Obama says green energy will create a booming economy and create jobs, do you believe him?  When he says he is going to cut spending and the debt, do you believe him?

As it turns out, every thing Obama says – everything Obama has done, is 180 degrees out of phase with reality.  Paul Ryan (R – Wisconsin) lays it out nicely here:

Amazing.  No budget in 3 years.  And what has Obama done on the budget?  Well, he created one last year and it got 0 votes.  Zero.  The piece of budgetary crap he created this year promises to get an equal amount of nothing.

So, what’s left?

The election, that’s what.

What Obama has done is put his true colors on display.  He has shown the country what his leftist policies are designed to do.  And it is not pretty.

Come on 2012…


  1. I would like to say this: using Fox news as your only true source for information is an error. Fox news has continued to be proven to supply ‘facts’ based on previous broadcasts that made an opinion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fox_News_Channel_controversies gives you a good place to start, although any thing you google related to Fox news errors, Fox news misinformation, Fox news scandals, Fox news controversies will also give you reliable resources to prove my point. I’d say this: I was researching this to find factual information regarding what Obama has and has not done for my own blog, and — while I very much want to put both conservative and liberal viewpoints and factual evidence to support both — my blog is based on hard research and not just conservative or liberal talking points. I am having considerable trouble finding any hard and solid facts to use (save for in a few instances which in reality aren’t being widely spoken about on either side of the aisle) If you have some documentation or research material to show in relation to your list, please send it to me. I’d love to use it! My email is infamousnihility@gmail.com — if not that is OK as well. Thanks a lot!

  2. Jessi, did you even read the post?

    Either you did and were not able to comprehend it, or didn’t and are just another leftist windbag.

    Nowhere in this opinion piece did I mention Fox News or cite them as a source.

    So what the heck are you talking about?

    You said, “If you have some documentation or research material to show in relation to your list, please send it to me.”

    Um, the list is from a Human Events piece, which is cited and linked directly above the list.

    So, I would suggest that you take your smarmy, arrogant attitude and go ask Human Events.

    Congratulations on your blog. I am sure it is excellent.

  3. Jessi, what evidence are you looking for? CBO on obamacre. We are going broke. New York Time is a good one if you’re drinking the Koolade. Why is it every lib starts out bashing Fox? Why did you not mention MSNBC,CNN,CBS,NBC,ABC.You are a liberal trying to dress up in a I’m smarter than you costume. You f,d up by starting out with the same old burn the house down at Fox. I will be nicer than Harry,piss off. TO BE YOUNG AND LIBERAL YOU NEED A BIG HEART—TO BE OLD AND LIBERAL YOU NEED HALF A BRAIN. Hope you were able to feel some love
    here. TD

  4. Thanks, TD. You’re right – liberals do always start out bashing Fox or whatever else. It always begins with an attack. In this case, the attack is on the credibility of Fox. What makes this particularly fun is that the attack is to discredit ToBeRIGHT by discrediting our sources, but we don’t cite Fox as a source!

    It’s like:

    Guy on trial for armed robbery: “I didn’t do it!”

    Liberal prosecutor: “Yeah but there is a guy on MSNBC who says there was a second shooter on the grassy hill.”

    Guy on trial: “You got me.”


    You have to give liberals this much: they’re consistent in their incoherence.

  5. “Nowhere in this opinion piece did I mention Fox News or cite them as a source.”

    Maybe not textually, but what about that big “Fox News Channel” logo? Is that just there as decoration?

    On the OTHER hand, Jessi is off her rocker for attacking your use of a Fox News video. Regarless of any other problems Fox News has had, this particular video is just an interview with a congressman, not commentary or reporting from Fox talking heads. Is Jessi trying to say that Paul Ryan is spreading misinformation?

  6. Jak – What logo?

    I’m not using any Fox News logo…the only Fox News logo is on the Youtube video that you yourself just explained was nothing more than Paul Ryan talking.

    I’m not following your “big Fox News Channel logo” comment…

  7. sandy wilson says:

    How about for once a liberal could answer a question without an attack or changing the subject. It really shows their ignorance. The other news stations are so ridulous. Everytime I tune in to nbc abc and the others here comes another lie. And they keep on doing it. What happened to having some integrity. It’s like this is the new norm, we get to lie. I try to never tune in because they do not deserve my attention. scumbags..

  8. our country has to wake up. this president is the worst president in my life time. he has done NOTHING. In November , we the people must wake up, put our boots on, get to the poles, and VOTE for a president that takes pride in this wonderful country. We as a people , must realize the unrest among the country and the world. Don’t waste time. It is important!

  9. Marley Weiss says:

    jessi, the link you gave us leads to wikipedia… last time i checked, wikipedia wasn’t 100% reliable either. i just hope to God that Romney wins the 2012 elections. Obama is so full of errors. Who saw the presidential debate, huh? Obama made a fool of himself and showed the country who he really is. Romney is the only hope to resurrect our once powerful and esteemed nation.

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