Republican Debates – Why They’re So (Not) Important

Republican DebateDid you hear?  Newt Gingrich is a GREAT debater.  He’ll mop the floor with Obama in the presidential debates!


The Republican debates are now useless and the Presidential debates are almost useless.

Wanna know why?

First the Republicans…  Does anybody – I mean ANYbody – need another debate to figure out who they like out of Ronmey, Gingrich or Santorum?

I think that like the various foods on McDonald’s menu, these three candidates are essentially the same item.  Here is what we should expect from each of these candidates:

Eliminate Obamacare, or at least chunks of it
Remove some of the regulatory infrastructure
Expand domestic energy production
Nominate conservative judges

Beyond that, none of these three candidates are likely to do anything substantive.  So if we get to watch Santorum pick apart Romney for his progressive policies during his governorship, what good will it do?

No good at all, I say.

Sure, we may get to watch Newt Gingrich make some hack news anchor grab is ankles, and make no mistake, that’s fun.  But that does not further Conservatism.  Nor does it help any of the candidates.

You don’t need another Republican debate to figure this out, I can do this in three phrases…ready?

Romney will pretend to be conservative, right through his presidency.
Gingrich will be conservative, but will occasionally do something kooky.
Santorum will be conservative, and will annoy us with the SoCon issues.

There.  No debate necessary.

Now the Presidential debates will be slightly more useful, but only in terms of further exposing Obama for the liar he is.  Oh we’ll get to see him stand there and tell us how he’s expanded the economy, how he has “saved or created” a gazillion new jobs, how we’re only $15 Trillion in the hole and we can’t possibly stop now.

In short, during the debates Obama will sound like a Conservative.

The only wild card here is if – and that’s a BIG if – whoever our nominee is can somehow articulate a clear and compelling conservative message.  But I’ll tell you, I have heard nothing so far that leads me to believe that this will be the case.

Obama will lie, and then change the subject and attack.  The Republican will be left hemming and hawing from a position of defense.  Then for three days the talking heads will discuss who won, with the (incorrect) assumption that both participants were speaking truthfully.

So, what about these debates?  I for one, am boycotting them.  I know who I am supporting…that’d be Santorum.  I’ll tell you all why in another post.  But I can also tell you this…

Even if the nominee is a tin can, I will support him against Obama with every bit as much passion and enthusiasm as if the candidate were my top choice.

Republican debate?  A waste of time.  Presidential debates?  An ever-so-slightly-less waste of time.

You’d do better watching a re-run of Mythbusters.


  1. The Republican debates have been drawing about 300% more viewers than any previous debates.

    You can “Yaaaawwwwwwwwnnnnnn” all you want but but apparently they were important to a very large number of people.

  2. I get that people want to hear how the candidates will approach various problems. I just think that the debate format has lost its effectiveness and has become counter-productive.

    Check out my newest post on what happened last night – be sure to give the sound file a listen to… I think it’s doing more harm than good now….unfortunately…

    See the latest here:

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