The Republican Debate…Again

Last night was yet another chapter in the tortured saga of “Republicans At The Gate: Can We Get Them To Insult Each Other?”

This saga has been produced and directed by the main stream media and, Newt Gingrich’s thrashing of John King notwithstanding, has been largely effective.

Check out this question:

John King to Ron Paul:  You called Rick Santorum a name.  Want to call him more names?

I swear it – this happened.

Here is the ACTUAL transcript of the question…

“KING: Congressman Paul, you’ve questioned the conservative — fiscal conservative credentials of all these gentlemen but particularly this week Senator Santorum. You have a new television ad that labels him a fake. Why?”

Think about this for a minute…  We have $3.85 gas, real unemployment over 15%, 1% economic growth, record numbers on food stamps, a $15 Trillion debt, and John King wants to know more about how Ron Paul thinks Rick Santorum is a “fake?”

If this doesn’t close the case on liberal bias in the media – or their flat out incompetence – I don’t know what will.

Yesterday, I went on the Chris Plante Show here in Washington DC.  Chris asked the question:  “What do you need to hear the candidates talk about to make your decision on who to back?”


The only candidate to really do this in a meaningful way is Newt Gingrich, and even his comments were dwarfed by all the bickering and back and forth jabbing.


These candidates would do well not to go to any more of these stupid debates.  They serve no purpose other than to provide fodder for the leftist media machine.


  1. From another member of the ACP blogroll on the same topic. It is ASTOUNDING that they keep letting us them do this, isn’t it?

  2. Thanks for the link – RFA is right – there should be limited debates with only friendly mods. I don’t get why debates need to be run by any news organization at all. How about a blogger? Hell, a plumber?

    The real question here is why they continue to subject themselves to it (RFA addresses this too). My opinion is that they do it because the GOP still has too much influence. Read: other than conservatives have too much influence.

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