The Tyrannical Web of Obamacare

My brain hurts.  Michelle Malkin has a post over at Human Events that produced an instant migraine.  We all know the over-arching goal of Obamacare:  Make every person in America dependent on the State.

Well, it’s working.

The way it is working is a twisted web of tyranny.  A web of lies, bribes and payoffs.  Here’s how it works in its simplest form:

1) Confiscate money from 50% of people (the poor are already dependent).

2) Direct that money to public sector unions and a new bureaucracy.

3) Issue regulations through bureaucrats

4) As services suffer, increase taxes to pay for them to expand the cycle

5) Achieve maximum confiscation of wealth and maximum control over all lives.

I’m reminded of the little graphic I made after the Wisconsin liberal temper tantrum:

This is how it works with democrats and public unions.  Add in the entire health care system and the Health and Human Services bureaucracy, and you’ve got a web of evil that will only be destroyed with a whole sale repeal of Obamacare.

Here is an excerpt from Malkin’s piece:

“On Wednesday, the White House trumpeted the release of nearly $700 million in taxpayer-funded low-interest loans for seven CO-OPs in eight states. Administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the fund will pour more money into CO-OP plans nationwide throughout the next year. In 2014, according to Washington bureaucrats, the plans will be offered on the federally approved and federally monitored state health exchange “marketplace.”

Some marketplace. Given how Team Obama has dispensed special Obamacare waivers to scores of campaign donors, it’s a sure bet the CO-OP/exchange mechanism will be brazenly rigged against non-subsidized, for-profit insurers. And against taxpayers. Obama health officials assure us that there will be an “early warning system” in place before loan recipients get into financial trouble. But we know from the half-billion-dollar Solyndra scam that when this administration sees red flags, it’s full speed ahead.

In fact, the Obamacare CO-OP overseers already predict a nearly 40 percent default rate for the loans, according to Kaiser Health. Welcome to the Chicago-on-the-Potomac reverse rule of holes: When you’re in one, keep digging.

So, who are the lucky winners of the Obamacare slush fund lottery? Freelancers CO-OP of New Jersey, New Mexico Health Connections, Midwest Members Health in Iowa and Nebraska, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative in Wisconsin, Freelancers CO-OP of Oregon, Montana Health Cooperative, and Freelancers Health Service Corporation in New York.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the Freelancers Union — the largest CO-OP loan beneficiary to date, with a total $341 million subsidy — is a left-wing outfit founded by a self-described “labor entrepreneur” and MacArthur “genius.” Sara Horowitz has already snagged countless grants from the city and state of New York, the liberal Ford Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Horowitz and Obama served together, along with former green jobs czar Van Jones, as advisers for the progressive think tank Demos — which in turn partnered with fraud-ridden community organizers ACORN and Project Vote. She also runs a political action committee called “Working Today” that crusades for an expanded government safety net. Crowing about the CO-OP loan from her fellow progressive warrior, Horowitz exulted: “It’s like venture capital for health care.” Or more accurately, to borrow South Carolina GOP Sen. Jim DeMint’s phrase, venture socialism.

While Horowitz plots to rope in 200,000 new clients, existing customers protested in The New York Times over lousy customer service and abrupt changes that resulted in “higher premiums, higher deductibles and more holes than their current plans.” Horowitz is more preoccupied with ensuring that the “social-purpose company” meets social and environmental justice goals than with customer needs.

Another of the Obamacare slush fund winners, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative in Wisconsin, scooped up a $56.4 million federal loan. The group describes itself as a “coalition of religious groups and other organizations.” Its pedigree is much more radical than that. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel noted, Common Ground “is the Milwaukee affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded in 1940 by Saul Alinsky, a famed community organizer and author of ‘Rules for Radicals.’ The organization, based in Chicago, bills itself as the oldest and largest community organizing network.”

The Industrial Areas Foundation was funded largely by the Gamaliel Foundation, which employed Obama in Chicago. As I first reported in 2009, Gamaliel’s Gregory Galluzzo wrote that he “met with Barack on a regular basis,” that Obama “acknowledged publicly that he had been the director of a Gamaliel affiliate,” and that “we are honored and blessed by the connection between Barack and Gamaliel.” No kidding. As Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson put it: “These grants/loans reek of political payola.”

Cronies reap. Taxpayers weep.”

We’ve got to get rid of this abomination.  Actually, we need to get rid of both abominations: Obama and Obamacare.


  1. The more we “find out what is in it,” the worse it seems.

  2. OWarren says:

    The Heritage Foundation and Bob Doyle presented this approach in the 1990’s as the best approach to reduce healthcare costs and require “freeloaders” to stop using the hospital emergency room to take of the flu or a bad cold by having health insurance at ten times the cost of a doctor’s visit. How did this become a radical socialist idea?. I had no idea that Bob Doyle or the Heritage Foundation were socialist.

  3. Owarren – that’s absurd. Obamacare is a 3000 page behemoth thy gives unprecedented power to the government. The vast majority of the bill is made operational by edicts put forth by unelected bureaucrats in HHS. To suggest that this is anything remotely like Heritage or Dole is, like I said, absurd.

  4. Let’s agree not to tell lies. OK, I have down loaded a copy of the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It is 906 pages. not 2,500 not 3,000. Somebody must have had a triple spaced copy.
    The act regulates health insurance companies to provide access to their products to all folks living in this country and to stop restrictive practices that have cheated Americans for decades. The main objections to the act that i have heard about are the provisions Republicans insisted be included in order to get their votes. Then the Republican and “conservative” idealists used this massive document that they kept changing until the last minute, remember “we will not know what is in the bill until it is passed” that was because of the votes on the amendments proposed during the debate. Now tell me what you do not want. Is it the coverage for preexisting conditions? Is it coverage continuation for your children older than 18. Is it removing the lifetime limit of coverage?
    My objection is the fact that it does not provide for single payer government controlled healthcare for all persons in the country. There is no reason for this country to have a higher infant mortality rate than Many other industrial countries including Poland and India. It is a disgrace that our “best healthcare system in the world” has the highest cost in the world and pushes more defensive medicine than effective therapies.

    So somebody please tell me what is wrong with paying doctors to help plan a persons end of life choices? Insurance companies are making those choices for you now with treatment limits and exclusions.

  5. @Ken – glad to bat this around with you. But starting your post insinuating that someone is telling lies immediately places you with all the other liberals who want to change the subject and attack. It doesn’t help your case.

    With that out of the way….

    You’re assertion about the length of the document is silly. I can take a single document of say 1000 words and make it one page, two pages, three pages or four pages. This argument is superfluous and insignificant.

    You say, ” The act regulates health insurance companies to provide access to their products to all folks living in this country and to stop restrictive practices that have cheated Americans for decades.”

    Sure – except they way the Act does that is by compelling all Americans to enter into a contract with a health insurance company and dictates the terms of the contract. You only address the end, not the means. And it is the means which brings the case in front of SCOTUS today. The federal government does not have the power to compel people to buy things. Anything. Even if it is good for them.

    You said, “The main objections to the act that i have heard about are the provisions Republicans insisted be included in order to get their votes.”

    I think you must have missed the various vote counts on the Bill as it passed through both Houses of Congress. Please refer to: and point out where the Republicans voted on this bill. With all the “provisions Republicans insisted be included in order to get their votes” you would think there would be R votes all over the place. IN fact, Role no. 165 – the final vote before passage, the vote count was 219 to 212. 34 Democrats voted against it. All Republicans voted against it. So…what are you talking about?

    You said, “Now tell me what you do not want. Is it the coverage for preexisting conditions? Is it coverage continuation for your children older than 18. Is it removing the lifetime limit of coverage?”

    Coverage for pre-exsiting conditions is not insurance, it is welfare, it should be treated as such. After you turn 18, you should make your own arrangements. If your Mom and Dad want to write you a check to cover you each month – fine – but don’t involve me in that decision. Lifetime limits of coverage are fine. If you don’t like what one company offers, get your insurance elsewhere (Oh yeah, the GOVERNMENT, prevents insurance companies from competing across State lines). Still, of the 6 insurance companies in Virginia, for example, there are scores of policies available, each with different lifetime maximums, depending on what will meet your individual needs. Don’t make me pay for it if you decide you want Cadillac treatment. I could go on and on…. If you’re so interested, read my blogs about it – there are more than 10,000 words on this topic amongst these pages.

    You said, “My objection is the fact that it does not provide for single payer government controlled healthcare for all persons in the country. ”

    And that’s the big point, isn’t it. You want the government to control your life, literally. I do not.

    You said, “So somebody please tell me what is wrong with paying doctors to help plan a persons end of life choices?”

    Nothing is wrong with it at all, if a person chooses to have this type of consultation. When a person is coerced by the government to get this consult and the result may be a denial of care based on life expectancy and cost, there is a big problem. Obamacare provides for an Independent Payment Advisory Board which will decide what costs to reimburse, what treatments to allow for and all manner of other decisions. The IPAB is an unelected Board of bureaucrats and will have power over every life in the country.

    You said, “Insurance companies are making those choices for you now with treatment limits and exclusions.”

    No they are not. If an insurance company will not pay for something you can get treatment where ever you want. GASP! You might even have to pay for it yourself! Still, even beyond insurance, there is medicaid for poor people, Medicare for old people, and countless options for grants, private financial aid and payment options that ANY hospital in the country will gladly assist with. Here is just a SINGLE heath care system – Inova Health. This system has several hospitals here in the northern Virginia area. They have a TON of information about financial assistance outside of insurance companies. They even have a staff of Inova Financial Quality Coordinators just to handle these cases. Here is a link to all their resources:

    So don’t tell me that if your insurance company won’t cover something, you can’t get it.

    But with Obamacare, that is not the case. A doctor who performs a treatment may be breaking the law if he does so against the approval of the Independent Payment Advisory Board or under new regulations put out by HHS or the FDA. Here is a fun article: And another

    At least your honest that you want to hand your life over to some bureaucrat. That’s fine with me…just don’t pull me under with you.

  6. @harry- Thanks, you have provided better depth than I have found. Most people when I have asked have just said, “Obama-care!”

    I keep pushing those Blue Dog Democrats out of my mind like a bad childhood nightmare.

    I also recall my own (Democratic) representative voting no until the last vote. Mostly because there was no single payer provision. Which is the way his district wanted him to vote.

    When I owned my own businesses, in Michigan, Health care costs for my family nearly bankrupt my family. While working for an employer, in Illinois, with multiple health options I chose the preferred provider option to have more control. My friend chose the HMO. We both had sons who needed the same surgeries we chose the same Dr the only difference being I owed $900 when we left the hospital my friend owed $0. But I had control.
    Years later I had to spend three days in that same hospital My bill from the hospital was $20,000. The insurance company was clear, do not pay until we have reviewed. In the end the hospital wrote off $15,000 the insurance paid $4,000 I paid$1,000. If I had no insurance the hospital would have owned my house my truck and 1.5 of my children. What do people with a good job and no insurance do? Many go broke some know to ask for a discount but none get the same deal insured folks get.

    Today we in America rack up about $2.68 trillion in “Health Care Costs”. You and I have no way to verify those figures. We do not know if those figures include the amounts written off by providers or not, having studied a bit of accounting and been in business for myself I would guess the big number does include the write down. Using those figures, My healthcare insurance premium is exactly my fair share of that $2.68 trillion. So why not the rest of the Premium paying world pay the same premium as me, every man woman and child? How much is it you may ask? for a rough figure just divide $2,680,000,000,000 by 308,000,000 (the number in the 2010 Census) and divide that by 2080(the number of hours worked per year in a 40 hour per week job) equals about $4.18 per hour for every man woman and child to pay for health care in America. Somehow I find it hard to believe we actually pay that much for health care every year but someone has done the math.

    Now I know of no family rich, middle, or poor who can or is willing to afford that kind of price for mom, dad, patty, and three little kids. The numbers just do not work.

    American Health Care is out of control and I agree PPACA is not the complete answer. Yet, when presented with the opportunity to make a real difference, to take a real concern for the uncertainty of healthcare and its devastating price tag out of the everyday reality of American life, Republicans, through their Congress, chose not to engage. As a result, we have instead a wasteful battle of semantics rather than a productive debate to create a plan to move us forward. Remember the pledge to not do anything but to make sure Obama was a one term President.

  7. I think we agree on more than you might imagine. Where we part ways is with approval of Obamacare.

    Sure, the health care system is broken. But Obamacare is not the answer.

    If there is a problem with people being denied treatment after reaching lifetime maximums, let’s solve that problem. Lifetime maximums are typically very high… a million dollars or more. So the people who this hits are clearly the exception. Fine. Let’s use Medicaide to allow for a special allowance for the very few people who max out their insurance and have no way of paying for a lifetime of care.

    I see no problem with the 18-26 year olds. If you are 23 and can’t take care of yourself, you’ve got way bigger problems that who is going to pay for your sore throat meds. 26? Really? So – I will never agree that we need a massive new bureaucracy to handle the hoards of young adults who can’t seem to take care of themselves.

    If there is a problem with denial of coverage for a “pre-existing” condition, then solve the problem. But by forcing all insurance companies to pay for people with some disease exacerbates the problem. That is not insurance, that’s a forced handout. If people are not insurable, fine – make a part of Medicaid available only for those who cannot get their own care.

    Most of Obamacare isn’t even defined yet. It gives massive latitude to HHS to write regulations. So not only does Obamacare force people to enter into contracts with another private entity, but it also has a million black holes, yet to be filled by an un-elected bureaucratic regulation.

    Once the government has the power to make you buy something – it has supreme power over all that we do and all that we are.

  8. Harry- We can correct something that is broken, we can fix a system that exists with problems. But you can not correct a nonexistent system or program.

    Health care is what about 18% of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Under the current form of provider health care we have a system that places more value on being sick that staying healthy. We place more value on being alive than the quality of that life. Want proof? Check any mainstream cancer ward, treatment center or long term care facility. The survivors are many but most of the deaths are from the treatment, not the malady.
    Too much of the current treatment protocols are centered on “defensive” medicine. Tests to prove the doctor is right or to preclude court/mitigation of claims. Everyday we see more adds from Lawyers pressing class action suits for drugs and therapies approved by the FDA only to be found to cause sever illness and death in the persons who used the drugs. More cost to the People.
    Have you noticed how the Alzheimer diagnosis has increased? How about the use of endoscopy here it costs $3000 in England it is rarely used and only costs $600. Why can a drug in Canada cost less than a dollar but here at Walgreen’s that same drug costs ten dollars or more.

    When the congress spent a year or more in 2009 to hammer out “Obama-care” where were the solutions? The only thing I heard about were the roadblocks and impediments to comprimise which would have given us an improved HEALTH CARE system instead of the wrecked sick care business we “enjoy” now.


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