Energy Secretary Give Himself An “A” For Gas Prices

I was almost – almost – speechless.  I paid $3.99 a gallon for regular gas two days ago.  That cost me about $85.00 to fill up the SUV.  My wife and I spend over $700.00 a month on gas.  ON GAS!  When Obama took office, gas was around $1.80 per gallon.  Now it’s $4.00.

We all know we’re getting hammered at the pump.  But now we have to listen to Obama chief at the Department of Energy tell us – with a straight face – that he deserves an “A” on keeping gas prices down.  Something about it being Bush’s fault, or there is nothing he can do about it.

Does this piss you off as much as it does me?  These people are delusional.  Watch for yourself…


  1. Translation: “I’ve been doing everything I can to make carbon producing energy sources unaffordable in order to advance my green energy agenda.”

  2. Lynn Mary says:

    It’s a free country, blah blah blah. If you want to drive an SUV (typically a glorified truck), your choice, then don’t complain about gas prices. My husband and I drive cars with good mileage because we factored in gas prices. duh.

  3. I’m glad you and your husband drive cars with great mileage. You’re still paying $4.00 a gallon. Does this escape you somehow? You’re paying twice as much now to fill up your tank. Do you not notice?

    How about my sister – she has eight children. Should she drive one of your little Obama-mobiles too? Or maybe she should have just aborted a few of them, so she could drive a car that YOU think is okay.

    How about my friend who owns a Tree Cutting business and spends $4,000.00 per week on gas. Maybe he can get a “car with good gas mileage.” You can go car shopping with him, so with your brilliance you can help him “factor in gas prices.”

    Lynn, you’re not getting it. I have a normal family and normal driving habits and my family is getting killed with gas prices. What used to be a $350 per month expense is now a $700 per month expense.

    Now, Lynn…look up in the sky. See any airplanes? What do you think they run on? Algae?

    Look at the trucks carrying goods and services to the places where you shop. Think they’re running on solar?

    Look at the trains moving down the tracks. What do you suppose they run on?

    Look at the parents dropping off their kids at school. Mini-Vans, SUV’s (small and large) – all kinds of cars. EVERY one of those parents are paying double.

    So….we’ll all get “cars with good gas mileage” to factor in gas prices. But you assume that we can all live the same way you and your husband do.

    Sorry if YOUR choice in car does not meet the lifestyle and business requirements of the rest of the people in this country.

    Of all the arrogant, sanctimonious arguments.

  4. Oh yeah…. Duh.

  5. He’s actually not lying. The goal was higher prices.

  6. That’s a damn good point – one I hadn’t thought of. I guess Chu and Obama have done a great job if their goal was jacked up prices all along….

  7. I am 23 years old and this is so damn frustrating!!! How can these idiots not see this???? It’s black and white folks!!!! “Hmmmmm let’s shut down almost all of our oil production and depend on foreign oil and gas prices skyrocket, but we aren’t going to do anything about it in this country, we don’t need to drill baby drill!!!”

    Are you kidding me??? Oil is the fuel of the American economy….common sense dictates…let us drill our own oil (we have enough to last us over 100 years or more), gas prices come down, people invest in the economy more, and in the meantime THEN we can work on alternative energy….however we cannot just put it aside and act like tomorrow everything is going to be solar powered!!!!

    These people just do not live in reality!!

  8. Lynn Mary — you are not thinking this through. The obvious issue here is that there are government officials that seem to believe that they should nudge the American people into behaviing differently by artificially inflating gas prices. If we were actively looking for new resources, drilling and building new refineries, and if there were not secrataries like Chu talking about his belief that we woudl be better off with European style prices for energy, there would be less complaining.

  9. For most of 2008 gas was between $3-4 a gallon. Check it out

    Then there was a crash in gas prices that was very brief in late 2008.
    The last time gas was in the $1.80 range in prolonged way was 2004

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