Must See Occupod Video

Occupy CommunistFirst, a big hat tip to my friends at the Conservative Hideout for the heads up on this video.  The Occupy movement is, if not dead, at least kind of an embarrassing afterthought these days.  Still, the young commies are still out there railing against private property, capitalism, individualism and any other freedom-laced idea.

So it was heartening to see this video.  A kid like this….he has a chance.  My impression is that he just got wrapped up with being cool (to the extent anti-establishment is cool).  It just so happens that this form of anti-establishment is communism.

Anyway, watch this video – it’s a captivating 15 minutes…


  1. His parents must be proud….How many thousands of dollars spent on his education and he learned more in 15 minutes then in years of public education….

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