Is Barack Obama Stupid, Evil, Inept or Brilliant?

We’re $16 Trillion in debt.  We have 8.2% unemployment, and if you give up looking for work altogether, the government says, “congratulations, you’re no longer unemployed.”  We have anemic growth at under 2%.  Obama has ruled by edict to violate federal law in how federal agents handle encounters with illegal aliens, and ignored the constitutional in doing do.  Obamacare is a takeover of an entire sixth of the economy and forces people to engage in contracts with other people, whether they like it or not.  Gas is about $3.30 per gallon.

I stopped writing because the paragraph was getting too long.

I could keep going…

  • The out of control Fed is printing money at a record pace.
  • The Attorney General is routinely lying to Congress.
  • Obama is covering up the activities of the Justice Department and possibly his own actions (illegal?  politically damaging?).
  • Assassinations of US citizens.

Alright…you get the picture.

So, whether or not you’re an Obama supporter, a question emerges:

Why are these Obama policy decisions being made?

Here are the possible answers…

He’s brilliant.  Obama is so smart, he is so far ahead of everyone else, he knows that his policies will help the country.  The fact that they have not helped notwithstanding, they will if just given more time and allowed to flourish with more taxpayer money and our Chinese credit line.  Massive government spending, higher taxes, takeover of entire portions of private enterprise, and iron fisted regulation is exactly what the country needs, and Obama is brilliant in his application of these strategies to make the USA a shining success.

He’s inept.  Every time I hear Obama or his minions out on the campaign trail talking, I shake my head and think… could they really be that inept?  I watched Eric Holder arguing with Darrel Issa during Congressional testimony.  Issa had an email which specifically mentioned “Fast & Furious.”  Holder sat there with a straight face and insisted that it was not about Fast & Furious, but about some other program.

Holder’s ineptitude aside… This is about Obama’s ineptitude.  It could be that he just threw a bunch of leftist crap at the wall and really has no idea how to actually handle it, or doesn’t care.  That leads us to another option…

He’s Stupid.  This is both an extension of the ineptitude argument and the corollary to the Brilliant argument.  Maybe he actually thinks his policies will work?  Even in the face of staggering failure here in the USA and example after example of failure in Europe, he keeps going.  So, maybe the guy is just plain old stupid?

Or maybe….

Obama’s evil.  Maybe he intentionally pushes policies that he knows will fail, only to secure more and more power for the government?  Maybe his entire point is to create a communist-lite state, a socialist Utopia where the government controls every decision for everybody, and nobody achieves more than any other.  Of course, Obama and his allies would be exempt from the crushing tyranny.

After much consideration, I think it is a combination of two.  I think Obama is both evil and inept.  It seems clear that this guy wants to rule the country with absolute authority, but his execution of the plan is so bad, it seems almost absurd.

Why would somebody hell bent on an authoritarian take over be such an ineffectual squish?

 So, what do you think?  Brilliant, inept, stupid, or evil?


  1. Lori meyer says:

    Totally agree, but perhaps alittle more evil
    Than we wish to admit( mostly for fear of
    Being labelled right wing nut) What better
    Way to seize control , than to create chaos,
    Then swoop in to “help”. With so many
    Dependent , government promoting
    Further dependency . These people will have
    No choice, the rest of us struggling to
    Maintain our freedoms, will be outnumbered
    What a sad end to a once great nation

  2. I think we still have a fighting chance, Lori. I can feel the sense of desperation in your words…I share it to a certain degree.

    But I also think people are opening their eyes to what is going on.

    I’ve got a lot of fight left in me…on the way to November, let’s give em hell on the campaign trail.

    Don’t give up!


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