Three Years of Devastation – The Obama Legacy

If you were trying to harm America, and you were President, what would you do?

Would you impose draconian regulations on major industries?
Would you constantly demogogue business?
Would you pit American against American by appealing to envy and hate?
Would you threaten to increase tax burdens on businesses?
Would you squander your duties as Commander-in-Chief and let your troops languish?
Would you take power of huge portions of private enterprise and drop them into bureaucratic hell?
Would you seek to regulate the very air we breath, not in, but OUT of our bodies?
Would you add Trillions of dollars to the debt?
Would you engage in year after year of deficit spending?

This is a road map for destruction, and it is the roadmap Barack Obama is traveling by. Nobody can articulate the damage Obama has done like Bill Whittle can, so here he is. This is 6 minutes well spent:



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