POLL: Does Obama Love The USA?

Let’s not beat around the bush… I don’t think Obama likes the United States of America. In the wise words of Mark Levin, “There. I said it.”

I’ve thought a lot about this. I’ve even asked similar questions on this blog. For example, not long ago I asked somewhat rhetorically, “what would you do if you were trying to destroy the country?”

As it turns out, the best ideas for destroying the country happen to coincide exactly with Barack Obama’s policy initiative. By “initiatives” I mean his Kingly fiat.

So I’m quite interested to hear what you readers think. Does Obama love the USA?



  1. I tried to vote, but it doesn’t seem to like my vote. I say he really doesn’t love America. Or at least, not the America I love.

  2. Sorry, Larry! HAd a bad setting in PollDaddy.

    This poll is kind of silly. But I put it up because I saw this picture over at http://www.ijreview.com – Obama standing during the national anthem…all the other candidates with the hands over their hearts…but not Obama. I guess that didn’t occur to him.

    So that got me thinking…. I’ve written before about whether or not Obama WANTS to hurt the USA. Well, his policies and demagoguery leave no other reasonable conclusion.

    Anyway – poll is fixed now!

  3. Obama does want to hurt America. He dislikes this country, so, why doesn’t he just leave? It would be so much easier for all of us. I’ll buy him a one way ticket.

    “Wake Up America, We’re Headed in the Wrong Direction, by Suzanne Vergote explains why and describes to a tee what he’s doing – it helps to bring clarity.

  4. I’m inclined to agree, Marcy. It’s hard to makes sense of his policy decisions in any other context.

    I’ll check out the book! If you’d like to do a review and send it over – I’ll post it!

  5. He does not love this country.look who raised him

  6. I have to disagee. Obama loves America. He hates the ideals of Americans but loves the fact that he can fly around the world and have hundreds of Americans at his beck and call (as well as being the Commander in Chief of the most powerful military in the world). He also loves the fact that his wife (that truly hates everything about Americans) can fly for free anywhere she wants while being able to tell off oh so many people without any repercusions.

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