When Is The Presidential Election

When is the presidential election? Here information about the 2012 election and also about past dates.

The next election will be November 6, 2012.

Looking at past election results can give us some interesting insight into the ebb and flow of electoral politics and about the political mood of the country. Economics. global politics, and geo-political events can all shape how we feel about a certain candidate.

Candidates for 2012 Presidential Election

On November 6, 2012 the United States will choose between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama as our 45th president.

We’ve written much about Barack Obama, and it can best be summarized like this: Barack Obama is a far left ideologue who wants to re-distribute wealth following a european socialist model, and with complete disregard and disdain for the Constitution.

Clearly, the next presidential election will be an important one.

Mitt Romney is a Republican who generally is conservative in his political leanings. Though he tends to take a less idealogical stance on many issues, which causes some consternation in conservative circles. The MAssachusettes health care law is an example of Romney’s proclivity for government-centric solutions, while conservatives would rather see wore market driven approaches.

That aside, Romney is campaigning on lowering taxes, reducing regulation and repealing Obamacare, which is a policy set that most conservatives will wholeheartedly embrace.

When the next presidential election is here, you MUST vote. IN light of the recent Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare, an election has never been more important. To return to our Constitutional Republic, conservatives must win majorities in both houses of Congress and the presidency.

Past Presidential Elections

If you look at past electoral maps, some interesting trends emerge. You can see, for example, that in 1972, the country was in large part conservative. There was a shift in 1976, with fatigue setting in from Watergate and the Vietnam war. But after an abysmal Carter administration, Ronald Reagan won, with Republicans dominating for the next 12 years.

Since 1992, the country has been largely split. Both coasts as well as pockets in the upper midwest all lean Democrat, while the rest of the country leans Republican.

Each election had underlying issues that drove results. For example:

1980 – the ridiculous Carter economy and foreign policy ineptitude
1984 – Conservative validation
1988 – Conservative validation
1992 – The repudiation of the “conservative lite” policies of George Herbert Walker Bush
1996 – The Internet boom! Clinton was leading a strong economy and a quiet geo-political scene
2000 – Clinton fatigue
2004 – The Ware on Terror
2008 – The first black president
2012 – A repudiation of far left policies

As you can see, each election is driven by specific conditions.

So… When is the next election? November 6, 2012, that’s the day we begin to get our freedom back.


  1. As a small wholesale business owner of building materials with 75 employees we must get this country back on the tracks. We now call it the new normal. Business is down 30% from 5 years ago. New EPA regulations has cost homeowners 25% more on products because of extra work and red tape. Obamacare, new taxes makes holding on to employees challenging. When Obama was campaigning on student loans interest, like that needs to be at the top of to do lists, he said we will tax small business to come up with the money. He said that so quickly and smoothly. We small business people have known we are his bitch for a long time. He finally went public with it in Roanoke July 15th. The bitch didn’t sit up worrying how I’m going to make the bank payment. All he needs me for is to tax so he can buy more votes. If someone can tell me what they see in this guy, tell me. We’ve heard he’s a genius, at what conning people. The recovery will begin in January when BO and his wife take their last ride on Airforce One back to the rock someone kicked and he crawled out, Chicago. TO BE YOUNG AND LIBERAL YOU NEED A BIG HEART——-TO BE OLD AND LIBERAL YOU NEED HALF A BRAIN

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