Liberal Language – What Words Mean To The Left

Last week I went to the grocery store in Gainesville, VA. On my way out, I noticed a woman had a little table set up and was collecting signatures for something.

Against my better judgement, I walked over.

She represented the Green Party. She was collecting signatures to “End Government Subsidies to Oil Companies and Use the Money for Rail.”

The conversation went something like this:

She started, “Hi, I am collecting signatures to stop subsidies to oil companies and bring in light rail to help the environment.”

I asked, “Which subsidies to oil companies?”

“The government gives billions of dollars to the greedy oil companies. We could use that money to build trains, which would help the environment and clear the traffic congestion.”

“Wait, the government is GIVING billions of dollars to the oil companies?”

“Yes! Oil subsidies cost us billions of dollars, you can look it up.”

“But in 2011, Exxon Mobile paid $10 Billion in taxes, just in the US.” (I know this because I have written about it. You can find that info here.)

“Government subsidies to oil companies are a burden on the budget and ruining the environment.”

“What exactly do you consider a subsidy?  You mean the government is giving tax dollars to oil companies?”

“Yes.  The government is spending billions on oil company subsidies.”

“I think you’re confused about what you’re calling a ‘subsidy.'”

“I’m not confused at all.  We need to take that money and use it for trains.  Solar trains.”

“Solar trains?”

“Yes!  Solar trains would really help us.  And with the money taken back from the oil subsidies, we can pay for it.”

I couldn’t take it anymore…

“First, when a company gets to keep more of what it rightly earns, it is not a government expenditure.  What you are calling a ‘subsidy’ is the oil companies keeping their own money.  Second, we already have government FUNDED trains, the company is called Amtrak, and the government has been giving around a billion dollars a year in hard dollars just to keep it afloat.  Third, you want to power your trains with solar?  We’ve pumped money – direct actual tax dollars – into Solyndra, Abound Solar, Amonix, and countless other green energy companies only to have them fail.”

I continued, “There is no way I’m signing your petition and I think you are sadly misguided.”

She actually put her head in her hands shaking her head.  Then she looked up and snapped, “Well I’m not going to convince you and I’m going to have to start charging you rent if you don’t move along now.”

I grinned, turned, and left.

What a nutbag.

Anyway, this got me thinking…liberals and marxists have different definitions for words than you and I do.

Here Are The Top 10 Liberal Word Definitions:

Subsidies – when businesses keep more of what they rightfully earn.

Cost – When government confiscates fewer tax dollars, it is an expenditure.

Spending Cut – When an expenditure increases, but increases less than what was budgeted.

Humane Immigration – Open borders.

Pro Choice – Killing babies.

Social Justice – Marxist redistribution of wealth.

Fascist – somebody who believes in limited government.

Women’s Health – killing babies.

Homophobe – anyone who opposes gay marriage.

Green – government control.

Bonus definition:

Racist – conservatives; Republicans; anyone who opposes affirmative action, tax increases, school bussing, income redistribution, expanding welfare, government regulation, and any form of government control.




  1. As a former leftie living now in one of the most left-wing neighborhoods in one of the most left-wing town in America, I can add a few things.
    Justice– identical outcomes for different inputs
    Sustainability — environmental sustainability; they have no term or social, geopolitical or economic sustainability
    Family — any group of people and pets at least two of which people are attracted to each other, and at least one of which people feeds the pets
    Young women — females from age eleven to fifty
    Love — flattery; attraction
    Hate — lack of flattery; lack of attraction
    Ban– not to subsidize

  2. That’s great, Serena! I particularly like the definition of “family.” 🙂

    I’d love to hear about your conversion… when did you cease to be a leftie? What happened? What is your story?

  3. Great post! I have done a few on the Liberal Left’s abuse of the language myself. I believe George Orwell still deserves the top honor in this department.
    Nonetheless, you are doing a fine job of carrying on the torch that Orwell lite for us.

    Anyway, before I abuse the language myself, on to another subject. It is my duty to inform you, according to the guidelines for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, that Citizen Tom has nominated you for it: If you so choose to accept, it will be my pleasure. Thanks for your inspiring blog

  4. You forgot one:

    Investment: when the government decides to give away money to unions, school bureaucracies, government fiefdoms, environmentalist faux scientists, and campaign supporters so they get a “return” of more votes in their next election.

  5. @Logipundit – I love it!

    Maybe we could refine it even more…

    Investment: When the government confiscates earned wealth of private individuals, and then gives it away to unions, school bureaucracies, government fiefdoms….

    Great addition!

  6. Ha! This story made me laugh! I just had a back and forth with a lib today about why she didn’t find it offensive that Barack didn’t place his hand over his heart in that now famous picture when they were doing the Pledge. Honestly, it is truly becoming exhausting to listen to the blind ignorance of some people. Some people have no true understanding of the principals this great country was founded on and ignorantly spew the words others have placed in their mouths. And we wonder why this country is in a downward spiral? People like this ignorant woman at the grocery store are why we have amateurs like Barack in office destroying this country. And all the while they do it, they just keep feeding everyone the Kool Aid telling them “This is for the best. What we are doing to you and your country will make everything better. Just wear the pretty rose-colored glasses and repeat after me.”


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