Fornicating to Hendrix and Burning Bras – Today’s Rebel

Justice is never as sweet as revenge.

Subversives have, historically, always gone way overboard whenever they’ve succeeded. What happens when the so-called “counterculture” becomes – all of the sudden – the mainstream culture? Do the counterculturists keep challenging the status quo?

Not hardly.

Oddly, they keep fighting the exact same fight whether it makes sense or not. The well-oiled animus is directed toward the guys that look a lot like the old guard: white, Christian, conservative and male; the “squares,” the traditional bigots – all greedy, monocled oil barons; school doorway blockers; men that want you barefoot and badly paid – are still to be rooted out in this year 2012. We hear, from our mainstream media outlets, far from acknowledging us having laid waste to past inequalities, that racism is rampant. Sexism is not only still raging, it has been upgraded to an all-out “war on women,” and most of us have nothing better to do than exhaust our vitality hating homosexuals when we’re not struggling to support our families in a teetering economy.

What happened to rebels that we once, as Americans, fancied ourselves?

When I was a kid, rebellion had something to do with making fun of the stupid news-guy’s, Tom Brokaw’s helmeted hair, or mocking your parents for being a boring wage-earning, housecleaning, bill-paying automatons. Or perhaps laughing at your grandparents for being nothing more than exponentially more boring versions of your boring parents – fossils of stale old world values who liked records which were more sonic tranquilizers than self affirming sexual tonics.

The status quo was not cool, man.

And yet today, many of our “boring” and “uptight” parents may have been educated in hippy schools. Some of our grandparents might have been out of their minds on drugs and fornicating in the shadow of Hendrix playing a psychedelic version of the national anthem or maybe they blissfully protested U.S. resistance of the expansion of the communist scourge in Viet Nam. They might have angrily burnt bras or American flags or possibly experimented sexually and/or lived in pseudo-primitive communes off the grid (because “the system” threatened their contrived and very predictably-uniform, 60’s-era individualism).

If this is the case, it seems our current definition of youth rebellion is in serious need of updating.

How the worm has turned in a biggest imaginable way when…

  • “The Man” is an illegitimate, shamelessly self-proclaiming, former drug-using, son of interracial Marxists
  • Men like the porous-brained, anti-Semitic Al Sharpton are allowed mainstream air time to mumble their way superciliously, and yet incoherently, through “news” shows on television
  • The former carnival barker, Geraldo Guevara, is giving political commentary
  • Christians are subject to persecution, the likes of which, have not been seen since they were forced into the Colosseum to be mauled by a variety of wild animals

Oh yes, the worm has turned indeed.

Now that the “counterculture” is the culture, our definitions need changing.

How boring and unimaginative of present day “rebels” that they now walk in brisk lockstep with their anachronistic, groovy, socialist professors while being cheered on by an equally inane media machine.

The prototype for our current “rebellion” was fashioned sometime in the 60’s and the present-day adherents of its suffocatingly strict tenets are not quite up to arduous task of re-deciphering for themselves the philosophical forest for the current-day trees.

True rebellion – that of questioning actual, present day values of the society and not that of 1950’s Arkansas is unfortunately not in play. At least not in the current well-thumbed rebel handbook.

The great trick the mainstream propagandist culture has played on American “rebellion” is convincing a large number of us that all 99% of us are somehow not the utter conformists that many of us are – as long as we uphold mainstream culture’s left wing, multiculturalist, moral-relativist, anti-Judeo-Christian values, of course.


  1. Exactly – rebellion is still so “cool.” Unless you’re rebelling against the Great Obama. I don’t understand how some well-meaning Democrats can still align themselves with the most despicable people who support Obama. I found this video to be an eye-opener:

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