To Save The Republic

Though I may not agree with the outcome of the presidential election, I am more proud to be an American today than yesterday. I will continue to serve this nation, I will continue to be her shield and I will continue to love her.

It has long been the duty of the few to protect the many. Today however it seems that the few are scarce and the many too great. This still does not deter the few – for does the Shepherd not watch over the flock? Does he not fight off the wolves?

I understand why this happened, the election of Obama.

Why wouldn’t it?

After all, there is fear. Fear of war, fear of sickness, fear of poverty.

There was panic, and now we have been promised peace. The people have turned to a safe option in Obama. The people have chosen to serve the world rather than lead it, the people have chosen to live on their knees instead of standing up for the cause liberty and justice.

No matter how dark the times seem though, we the few will fight for the many and Shepherd them from the wolves.

God Bless America.

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