Death by Gun Control

obama-baseballIn the last hundred years of so, governments have killed some 80 million people. That’s right. 80 million. The president is out there talking about how he loves to “do” skeet shooting. (Belly laugh of the day. Even if true, I can picture him in his mom jeans. Recall his baseball throwing arm.)

Before a government can start murdering people, it has to disarm them. Have a good look at this chart put together by JPFO.

Still think gun control is about hunting and “doing” skeet?

(Click to enlarge chart)



  1. That’s a great chart. Sort of puts the whole issue of gun control in the proper perspective. What is more import: keeping good citizens from being able to protect themselves or keeping bad leaders from abusing their power?

    Do you have a reference for the chart. The numbers look right, but I always like to know the source.

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