It’s Official: The Mainstream Media is a Joke

mainstream mediaDid you ever feel embarrassed for someone else even though you didn’t really care for the person?

I think most of us have.

Maybe a dropped tray in a middle school lunchroom or perhaps a hopelessly mangled musical performance that left you wishing that some poor soul could be granted a “do over.”

I have to say, after witnessing the television news coverage of the President’s State of the Union Address, my usual contempt for the mainstream media has been tinged with outright pity.

For a solid hour this past Tuesday, America listened to the President lay out his State of the Union.  In his vaunted speech, he refused to cut spending in spite of our nation’s 16 trillion dollar debt, pledged to use executive orders as a way to get around congress and our terribly inconvenient constitution, and blamed the violence in our society on the fact that too many law abiding citizens own firearms.

He forgot to mention the extra-constitutional violence he is visiting on people around the globe in his self-appointed role as America’s drone-happy executioner-in-chief.

And what was the big story our nation’s media elite took away from all this?

Senator Marco Rubio wet his whistle while delivering the Republican response.

Yes, he actually took a sip from a bottle of water because his throat was dry. There are some scandals that are so heinous, they simply cannot be ignored. It is enough to make one long for the days of Rather, Brokaw and Jennings, when liberals were at least smart enough to contrive plausible justifications for undermining people with whom they disagreed.

While I say some of these things with tongue in cheek, it is a gravely serious situation.

Ever since the days of Joseph Stalin leftists have made up for their bankruptcy of ideas by using media control to influence public opinion.

But we are supposed to be different, this is America.

Not only does our constitution include provisions that inhibit the consolidation of political power, but in years past we could also count on the news media to serve as a backstop to check the ambitions of would-be tyrants.

That educated journalists – members of a once respected profession – would trade in their roles as public watchdogs for that of sycophantic groupies is incredibly disappointing. While this is bad news regarding the state of journalism in our country, it, ironically, may be good news for the American People because it exposes the fact that the elite media has run totally dry on both ideas and creativity.

The days when somber and heavily browed liberal reporter Sam Donaldson routinely lobbed scud missiles at President Reagan’s press conferences has given way to an era in which our current media professionals are reduced to running around in hapless circles firing cap pistols into the air (MSNBC showed the clip of Senator Rubio sipping water 155 times in one day – no joke).

The utter silliness of the left leaning media will hopefully create an opportunity for objective “just the facts” style news agencies to make a comeback.

While our nation’s people may be obsessed with Disney World, Hollywood and reality TV, our mainstream media is on the verge of becoming too absurd for anyone with half a brain to take seriously.



  1. The problem is not the news media. The problem is the audience. Too many people still choose to get their news from the corporate news media. Makes me want to cry.

    Isaiah 3:1-7 Good News Translation (GNT)

    3 Now the Lord, the Almighty Lord, is about to take away from Jerusalem and Judah everything and everyone that the people depend on. He is going to take away their food and their water, 2 their heroes and their soldiers, their judges and their prophets, their fortunetellers and their statesmen, 3 their military and civilian leaders, their politicians and everyone who uses magic to control events. 4 The Lord will let the people be governed by immature boys. 5 Everyone will take advantage of everyone else. Young people will not respect their elders, and worthless people will not respect their superiors.

    6 A time will come when the members of a clan will choose one of their number and say to him, “You at least have something to wear, so be our leader in this time of trouble.”

    7 But he will answer, “Not me! I can’t help you. I don’t have any food or clothes either. Don’t make me your leader!”

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