What Gun Control is Really About

The real reasons behind gun control is lost on just about everybody.  Even so called conservatives fall into the clueless regimen of the unenlightened.  Here is what we hear:

  • Nobody needs more than 7 bullets to protect himself
  • Nobody needs assault weapons
  • The People couldn’t stand up to the military anyway
  • Too many kids get killed by guns
  • We have to do something

This is only a partial list.  I’m sure you have no problem coming up with all the reasons we’re told we don’t need to be armed.

It doesn’t take much to kill this entire (stupid) line of thinking.  After all, it has nothing to do with need.  Bearing arms is a right, given to us by God and codified by the document we the People created.

To thinking people, this should be enough.

But alas, it is not.

Gun control is not about guns.  It is about control.  When people have no way of defending themselves against tyranny, tyranny is free to reign.  Totalitarianism has killed tens of millions of people over the past century.  In every case, totalitarianism was preceded by a systematic disarming of the people.  Every case.  Hitler, Mao, and scores of other despots disarmed and then murdered millions of people.

This has nothing to do with hunting, sporting or how many bullets I need.  It has everything to do with protecting a right.  When man becomes the arbiter of rights, we effectively have no rights.  Our rights are inherent in our humanity.  Our rights were given to us by our Creator.  Private property, the freedom to speak, think and to protect ourselves is a right granted to us naturally.  It cannot be modified or removed by another man.

Bill Whittle sums it up nicely…


  1. I fully agree on certain points. I fully advocate a person’s right to own a weapon, in fact, I think that everyone eligible should own a weapon. However, I do think that everyone who wants to own a weapon should have to go through a background check and receive training. There are too many people legally purchasing weapons and ammo, who should have no business being near a weapon. If you committed ADW or even AA (aggravated assault), there should be no reason for you to own a weapon, and in my opinion, that should be grounds for you to get your 2nd amendment rights pulled. Of course, there is an argument that the person can go and buy the weapon and ammo illegally, but we should force them to endure as much trouble as possible to obtain that weapon, instead of just handing it to them. Background checks would in no way restrict a person’s ability to purchase a weapon, as in this age of high tech, it takes minutes to complete. Additionally, to the conspiracy theorists that think the government will somehow come after them the checks don’t even need to be tracked necessarily, simply an approval# or something of that sort record in a store owner’s log.

  2. Great post. I’ve been hammering away at this for some time. Keep it up and maybe we’ll get through to some people. I have written several posts about gun control, but this is my favorite. http://goldengeesenews.blogspot.com/2013/01/wrong-about-rights-and-caveman-test.html

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