Only Carry a Gun When You’re About To Be Murdered

When to Carry ConcealedDo you only buckle your seat belt if you think you’re going to be in an accident? Of course not! You (should) buckle up every time you hop in your car. You never know when you’re going to be in a deadly accident. Once your car starts careening off a cliff is a little late to buckle up, so you should always be prepared. Buckle up, mate!

Is it any different when it comes to carrying a gun? Do you know when you’re going to get robbed? Murdered? Only carry your gun on the days you know you’re going to get murdered or there is going to be another Virginia Tech massacre. Nope, you better carry your gun every time you set foot out your front door. You never know when a drug-crazed guy is gonna shoot you for a few bucks.

On February 20th in Woodbridge, VA, Gregory Holley was walking his dog around 9:40pm when he was approached by another man, Aric Smith. In the short encounter, Aric shot Gregory and robbed him. Gregory was unarmed. He was completely unable to defend himself.

Responding police officers were able to quickly apprehend the shooter, due to witnesses seeing a man flee the scene. Long story short, Aric Smith was booked for first degree murder, armed robbery and using a firearm in commission of a felony.

It was later discovered that the firearm used in the murder had been reported stolen from a vehicle in Monclair just 5 days earlier.

While it’s great the bad guy was quickly arrested, this doesn’t help Gregory Holly very much. I doubt he knew his fate when he stepped out his front door for a walk in the icy-cold evening air. If he had known what awaited him down the road, might he have grabbed a gun for protection?

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