Blind Loyalty

I started to call my senator, Senator Casey of PA, to ask him to defund Obamacare, but then I realized what a monumental waste of time that would be. The sad fact is that since Obama took office, Senator Casey has consistently joined fellow Democrats to back the President unconditionally, no exceptions.

It took me a while to get the message.

Before Obamacare became law, I had hoped that it wouldn’t pass. After all, hundreds of thousands of Americans actively protested Obamacare and the polls were heavily weighted against its passage. There was no upside to voting for a bill the people didn’t want, a bill guaranteed to sink the American economy and replace the best healthcare system in the world with a socialist rationing model.

Yet when the votes were counted, the Democrats stood solid, all but shouted Sieg Heil as they lined up behind their Fuehrer.

Then the Obama Administration found itself mired in the tragedy of Benghazi, Americans slaughtered for no reason, Americans who could have been saved but were left for dead. The President pushed the narrative that Muslims had rioted to protest a video, but knew it was a terror attack.  He continued to broadcast the lie for weeks.  In response Congress held hearings, sounded indignant on talk shows and made passionate speeches and even comforted the victim’s families.  All this until a mind-numbed audience finally stopped paying attention.

Then Democrats snapped to attention, saluted their leader, and refused to hold anyone accountable.

But the scandals kept coming.

Evidence of the White House spying on the American people, the IRS intimidating Obama’s political enemies, the NSA casting a surveillance net over the country, government thugs reading private emails, monitoring Facebook, and listening to their phone calls.

demoncrat loyaltyOnce again, Congress held hearings, sounded indignant on talk shows, made passionate speeches and so on, and so on. Then they collectively slapped a salute to their overlord and allowed the spying to continue.

But why would these men and women who swore they’d protect the Constitution and serve the American people shred the Constitution and fight against the people?

Urban Dictionary: “Blind loyalty involves being loyal to a person or cause despite the damage the person or cause does to himself or herself or others. Blind loyalty involves a form of cognitive dissonance where a person sees evidence of a problem or bad behavior and then turns a blind eye to the truth in favor of keeping a positive image of the person or cause”

So is that it? Are Democrats so loyal they’ve “turned a blind eye” to the impending devastation of Obamacare, the slaughter of American citizens in Benghazi, and the government spying on the American people?  Since they’ve purposefully joined ranks to dismantle our Constitution and destroy our country, is it really just blind loyalty?

Or is it treason?

Considering the destruction to our government, our depressed economy, and our disappearing freedom, is there any difference?

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