When Boehner Attacks – John Boehner Rips Tea Party And Risks 2014

Our nations most favorite crybaby, John Boehner, has decided that he doesn’t much like the tea party. But don’t worry – he’s “as conservative as anybody…” (Belly laugh of the day.) But here’s the problem – Boehner doesn’t remember 2012, when the Tea Party stayed home. Mitt Romney – nice guy – was not the constitutional conservative we needed to make things right (sorry for the pun), so we stayed home.

Remember 2010 when the GOP took every election from Senator to Dog Catcher? That was a direct result of the Tea Party.

But Boehner doesn’t understand our perspective…

We had years of GOP led House, Senate and Bush as President. What did that get us?


So why would we go out of our way to help elect a bunch of progressives – with or without (R) next to the name?

That’s right Johnny boy – keep it up. If we have no confidence in your ability to lead the CONSERVATIVE movement, well then why bother showing up next November?

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