A Dozen Blogs You Need To Bookmark (and WTF is Wrong With People?)

bitchToday’s topic was almost “What The F**k Is Wrong With People” after I read up on the stupid 18 year old snot who is suing her parents.  The list of people who have to be completely F’ed in the head is staggering:  Her parents (Mr and Mrs “I’m a lenient parent” share some of the blame, for sure), the friends father who is bank rolling the lawsuit, the lawyer who took the case, the judge who allowed it and of course, the spoiled little bitch.  What’s the over under on how long it takes her to end up on the casting couch?

Instead of “What the F is Wrong With People” I decided to look inward – maybe it’s me!  So I figured I’d share the madness that is my daily inter web routine.  Here are a dozen sites you should bookmark…

Kunckledraggin My Life Away – A daily haunt.  Fearless and honest.

Hookers and Booze – A Sithy look at things, good booze, right politics, and of course, hookers.  (Always tasteful hookers, I might add.)

Angry Mike – a pissed off III’er.

Conservative Hideout – Matt does a great job at collecting rants and contributions from right minded conservatives.

Political Realities – Thoughtful articles and posts.  Larry is a prolific writer and thinker.

The Other McCain – You just gotta visit here now and again.  This is where I first encountered Rule 5.  That reminds me…I should implement that immediately.

The Feral Irishman – The best top images you’ll find.  Also lots of fun material.

Soylent Green – Adults only – snooch galore.  But ole Soylent does have the best rants about the thermogeddon nazis you’ll find anywhere.  (Takes Rule 5 to a who new level.)

The Voices in My Head – Also snooch-laiden, don’t visit if you can’t see the beauty in Rule 5.  Real, honest III’er.

The Mad Jewess – I wish I had thought of the domain, but alas, I am not a jewess. Sorry, I digress.  Fun rants, and always keeps my interest.

Life in the Backwoods – Always cool stuff.  Check em out.

Doomsday Moose  – Good prep info.  Enough variety to keep it interesting.

Bonus blog – http://www.humanevents.com/ – This is about the only mainstream blog I have bookmarked.  I used to go to dailycaller.com every day, but they so over-monetized…I got tired of all the pop-ups, scripts running, offers and other crap that I just stopped going.  Human Events is where I get up to speed on the big name conservatives.


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