You’re Asking The Wrong Questions

You remember that smug teacher who would draw you into an argument, play devil’s advocate, then verbally jab and punch until you finally screamed uncle?  Then that teacher would turn the debate on its head with a single sentence, “You’re asking the wrong questions?” As annoying as that uber-intellectual response is, sometimes it’s spot on.

Radio and TV talking heads, religious leaders, non-state media, and world leaders are asking why President Obama is off playing golf while the world crumbles.  Why wouldn’t the President just cancel vacation or, at the very least, postpone it?  Or why Obama flew off to a string of fundraisers when a Malaysia passenger plane was shot down over the Ukraine.  An international air disaster in a war zone yet Obama kept his schedule to press sweaty palms and yuk it up with major political donors.  Or why does the President, who swore to protect and defend America, allow and encourage the blitzkrieg on our southern border?  Why does he seem unconcerned about the armed gangs, drug runners, and terrorists who waltz unchecked into our communities?

The teacher was right; we’re asking the wrong questions.  We may never know why the President refuses to govern and maybe the ‘why’ doesn’t really matter. What we don’t get, what we can’t wrap our heads around is ‘how’. Personally, I can’t shake off the plight of the people dying on that mountain in Iraq, can’t dismiss the heart-breaking images of starving children so how can President Obama?  How can he focus on following through on his golf swing when ISIS is chopping children in half, shooting families in the face, and beheading hundreds of others including an American journalist?  How can he concentrate on lining up a putt when innocent men, women, and children are being lined up in ditches and executed?  How can he celebrate that long drive or hole-in-one knowing hundreds of Yazidis are dying on a mountain in Iraq?  Knowing those people are trapped in temperatures over 100 degrees, no food or water, praying for relief.  Knowing ISIS is slaughtering humans as if they were infected cattle.  Knowing he could actually help if he wanted to, that he’s the only one who can help.

And where is the American news media on all this.  Sure we see the whole sick picture on Fox, Drudge, Brietbart, and other actual news sites but the mainstream media is AWOL.  Good God, if Obama were a Republican, black, white, or green, the headlines would scream:

President Parties with Fat Cats while Heads Roll in Iraq!

But these news outlets have turned their backs on the American people every bit as much as the President and his Democrats.  America trusted the news as much or more than they trusted Obama to protect and defend this country with the truth.  Instead, like our President and most of Congress, they too attend the glitzy balls at the White House, party with the fat cats while they publish hollow excuses for their guy, preach racism or class warfare with the same zeal and pompous lies as Elmer Gantry.  I’ll tell you where the mainstream media is, in Obama’s pocket.

And, hello Congress, are you there?  The Founding Fathers had good intentions when they set up our electoral system yet that’s exactly what is bringing us down.  What used to be a finger-in-the-wind to gauge the public mood has morphed into an entire body-in-the-breeze to catch even the slightest hint that they might be making the wrong move.  And that breeze, the smallest shift in polls, is enough to paralyze today’s politicians.   These days our elected representatives only act when there is absolute certainty they’ll be on the winning side of an issue.  Of course by then, it’s almost always too late.

I know, the President is finally responding, somewhat, to the Yazidis on the mountain.  He had to do something because the American people aren’t used to watching scores of men, women, and children slowly die before their very eyes.  ‘Slowly’ is the key word here.  If ISIS had been able to just decapitate these people en masse or line them up in ditches and shoot them, then Americans could have continued to ignore it.  But to watch these people suffer day after day, to hear that babies are suckling on goats while their mothers die of thirst or hunger, that’s over-the-top even for Americans.

Cruel you say, unfounded accusations?  Hardly, it’s what we’ve been watching ISIS do for months with little more than lip service from anyone in the U.S.  Oh sure, we think it’s horrific but Johnny has soccer, little Suzi has ballet, and there’s not even time for dinner.  It’s what we do in America, book every second of our day so we can Facebook how impossibly busy we are while we voice platitudes about the atrocities in Iraq.

But there’s too much at stake here to keep barreling ahead on cruise-control, our freedom is at stake.  If that word “freedom” conjures up images of right-wing nuts waving the Constitution then you may already be too far gone to save.

If the word “freedom” brings to mind church on Sunday, Johnny becoming a CEO of his own company, little Suzy a veterinarian, and you in a comfortable retirement home, then you need to wake up.  It’s not just politics anymore, maybe it never really was.  Its Islamic terrorists taking over countries just as Hitler did.  Its armed gangs, drug runners, and worse flooding our border states on their way to your neighborhood.  Its Hamas swearing they won’t stop until they wipe Israel off the map while our American President stands idly by and refuses to help.  It’s a government spinning out of control.  A government that’s been bought and paid for by people who want to destroy us; a government that’s co-opted the news, appointed their own courts, and written their own Constitution, one that is of the government, by the government, and for the government.

If you want your kids to grow up and follow their dreams, if you want to be able to criticize your government without jail time, to attend services in a real church instead of hiding in someone’s basement, then put down the Smartphone, turn off the TV, and put some time into your future.

Do your homework on upcoming elections.  Who is this person running for President? Who was he/she before they ran for the highest office in the land?  Do they have a voting record?  Are they conservative, moderate, or liberal?  Do you agree with their positions?  Are they capable of being the sole authority for our military, the last stop for any legislation? Are they the sort of role model you’d want your children to look up to?

But don’t stop with the President.  Who is running for your Senator or Representative?  Don’t just watch commercials to form an opinion, those ads only reflect the individual who is currently running for office.  They have little or no bearing on how that person will actually serve if elected.  These are political animals who change their spots every election cycle.  So, how did they vote when they weren’t running?  Where did they stand on amnesty, Obamacare, or the national debt?  How do they feel about the Constitution, our freedom and rights?

And if you get that far, try taking it down another notch to your local races for Governor, Mayor, judges, or the school board.  These are the people who are making the rules that will impact your life.  Maybe not today, maybe you don’t care about giant sodas, school lunches, even gun control but sooner or later they’re going to work their way down the food chain and guess who’s at the bottom.

These are the right questions.  Please ask them before it’s too late, before no one cares what you think.  Our children’s future is in our hands. Let’s work together to preserve the liberty and prosperity that defines America, let’s give them hope.

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