Muslims Demand AMERICAN Food Stamps Meet Islamic Standards

Yeah, you heard that right.

MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) – A Somali women’s advocacy group is demanding a review of its request for county support of a halal food shelf in the Twin Cities. The Isuroon Project says there is a “desperate need” for a culturally-specific halal food shelf in the metro, but that Hennepin County has denied its requests for support….

“We want to make Commissioner Peter McLaughlin and the public know that we are serious about our need for an Ethnic Food Shelf which provides halal and appropriate nutrition for our community,” the group said.  Read full text here.

I’m sure you’re thoughts are similar to mine on this topic. But nobody has been able to say it better than an old friend, who put it this way:  “I’m all for religious freedoms, and the good old American way – but this…. this is just too much. I dont want to pay for this with my hard earned money from working my entire fucking life. Chances are – they are eating better, living better and are healthier living here in the good old US of fucking A – but yet, they want more. No… they DEMAND more. Nope. No. Fuck off. And keep fucking off until you are back in your beloved muslim country, picking bugs out of the dirt, and sleeping on mud packed straw. Then the American programs that aren’t good enough for you now, will seem like fucking paradise.”

I couldn’t have said it better.

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