10 Steps to Being a Democrat in the 21st Century*

*Note the Following Article is not endorsed by the Democratic National Committee

1. Deny Your History
The first hundred years of Democratic party history was pro-slavery, civil war and racism. The Republican party was founded to oppose slavery. Because of these facts, it’s better to ignore and forget history altogether. When confronted with history, highlight parts of the 60’s Civil Rights movement to counter the argument. You can also use a “well, we changed” or “that’s old history” motif for deflection but never accept responsibility. Take advantage of minorities and make them your strongest advocates. Hire a black gentleman as your “front man”. It doesn’t matter historically if Democrats oppressed and murdered African-Americans. Deny your history and they will love you for it.

2. Avoid Books and Present Data Selectively
Books are likely to contain information that contradicts your belief system so its best to avoid them all together. Use internet articles or youtube videos without any citations to back up your claims. It’s also best to avoid using any sort of data or peer-review studies (unless of course you can present these things in a way to buttress your argument).

3. Practice Projection
Find whatever faults or problems you have and project them onto others. For example if you have a history of racism than claims others are racists. Since many people won’t bother to check the facts you can usually get away with it.

4. Use Language (Orwellian Double Speak)
War is Peace, Red is Blue. Up is Down and Left is Right. Use language to propagate and confuse arguments. Enforce the notion of “politically correct” speech. Misrepresent opposing views to vilify your opponents. Excite hatred and contempt in your audience for a lasting impression. Nothing is off limits even if it completely contradicts your own premise.

4. Cultural/Religious/Race Warfare and Cultural Marxism
Since most Republicans are patriotic Americans who believe in a supreme being, its best to mock them for it. Use regional bias, religious beliefs and even peoples accents as the tools to destroy them. First target white southerners and Christians for maximum effect, than move down the line.

5. Take Control of Media & Young People
People like to be entertained, so fill their entertainment with your messages and ideas. Use fashion, music, Hollywood etc. to influence young people. Promote promiscuity, drugs, atheism, vandalism and all possible forms of rebellion to degenerate kids to your level. Reject anything traditional and discredit the “nuclear family structure.” Make it sexy. If you can get the “cool” factor they will be eating out of the palm of your hand.

6. Gender, Sex, Emotion and Oppression.
Use gender and sexuality as a basis to galvanize political support. Make people feel that they are either with you or against you. Denigrate traditional gender roles. Use emotions against them, and foster a sense of oppression whether real or imaginary.

7. Create an Echo Chamber and Eliminate Resistance
You can reinforce your ideas by repeating them over and over. Create organizations and social media groups where like-minded people can reaffirm each others beliefs. Occasionally someone will voice a difference of opinion. In this case be a bully, use group psychology, intimidation and humiliation to weaken dissenters. If they remain obstinate, simply ban them from participation. Set an example and others will be less likely to speak out.

8. Universities and Public School
It’s best to reach people when they are young and impressionable. Teachers and college professors are critical to student development. Create new college courses and even create new colleges and universities to spread your ideas. Presenting your ideas in an academic context adds credibility. Teach only what you prefer others to know. Lessen educational standards and make tests easier for the least of us. Those with less education are more likely to accept your beliefs and will be easier to control in the long run.

9. Favor Big Government, Big Spending and Class Warfare
The government is getting bigger. But thats a good thing as long as the government serves your interests. Governments have a monopoly of force and can coerce people into doing things they wouldn’t normally like to do. Thus using the government to force your ideas on society is effective. Government money needs to come from somewhere. Therefore demonize the wealthy and business elite. Rage against Capitalism. Use the Marxist ideas of “proletariat vs. bourgeois” to gain support. The 99% vs. 1%. Eventually you can redistribute your opponents wealth to your constituents.

10. Seek Allies Abroad
Many governments around the world are actively seeking to discredit and destroy America. Despite the fact that many of them ultimately despise you, you can still find common ground and build connections to foster financial support. It’s always amazing what people can achieve when pursuing a common interest.

Have I missed anything?


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