Not a Good Time to be Jewish

Not since the 1940’s has it been so dangerous to be Jewish. The shooting in Denmark, the shootings at the Jewish Grocery in Paris (that Obama said was random) and the other anti-Semitism activities spreading across Europe have led Israeli and European Jewish leaders asking European Jews to come home to the safety of Israel. In Israel they probably are safer from the lone wolf Islamic Terrorists that seem to outsmart European authorities. However, in Israel they can be attacked with rockets, suicide bombers and other crazed killers from Hamas, Hezbollah and wannabe variant Jihadists.

The leaders in Israel seem to understand what the rise in anti-Semitism around the globe, including Wisconsin really means. They also know that support might not come from European Socialist democracies. They also know that they can no longer depend on the support of what used to be their staunchest ally, the United States of America. At least as long as Barack Hussein Obama is President.

My Progressive Obama sycophants may ask how I could say this about dear leader. Just a few things come to mind. Obama has snubbed Bibi Netanyahu every chance he gets. He makes him cool his heels in another room waiting to meet Obama for an earlier scheduled meeting, or forcing him out the back door. When Netanyahu boldly strikes at his enemies in carefully targeted strikes in response to multiple and random rocket attacks, Obama urges him to use restraint. When Obama urges the start of negotiations with the Palestinians, he also tells Israel their starting point should be the pre-1967 border.
We know he has told Israel not to strike Iran’s nuclear program.

If you still think that I’m just an Obama hater, just answer one question. Obama is an Alinsky radical and knows how to use language. Obamacare was the Affordable Care Act before it was passed. He seems to like Obamacare now. All the time he was shoving this down our throats he kept lying to us. You won’t lose your Doctor, You’ll save all kinds of money…… There is another word choice that is repeatedly used by Obama. He insists that ISIS not be called ISIS, but ISIL. He also doesn’t want them to be called Islamic Terrorists. The Islamic part is B.S. and everyone knows it. Maybe some people give him a pass after reading one of his books where he says nothing is quite as beautiful as the Muslim call to prayer.

The ISIL term is more troubling to me and should trouble every Jew in the world. ISIS means the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Fairly descriptive at the time it was first used. ISIS was primarily located in parts of Iraq and Syria. ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Why does that matter? Why should that be the name that Obama uses and has ordered all of his administration to use. I know, I heard one of his liberal apologists slip and refer to them as ISIS. Not an official member of government. Now, what troubles me is that the Levant covers much more territory than Syria.

Looking at old maps you can see the Levant starts in Turkey and runs southward into Egypt. It includes Israel, Jordan and Lebanon. That seems to be a lot more territory than Syria and Iraq. Someone tell me why he insists on this name. It may be my Paranoia, but as I said Obama is a master at defining terms. ISIL doesn’t make sense unless he wants to keep his legacy of incompetence limited to just a few tragic losses. If he doesn’t do anything to destroy ISIS before leaving office, he can say at least they haven’t conquered the entire Levant. Maybe not. Israel better hope that they can survive until we elect a new President.

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