The Obama Agenda – Tyranny

The History channel’s “Sons of Liberty” series may have been short on facts but they did a great job of capturing the colonist’s passion. That was the secret to the colonies’ victory, passion, dedication, and commitment. That’s what President Obama brings to the table, passion for his agenda, commitment to his transformation aka revolution, dedication to each piece of his plan.

His ultimate goal, to radically reconfigure America, consumes all his energy.

He and his government, because it’s no longer the people’s government, work tirelessly to complete each step of America’s transformation. While other Americans try to enjoy their weekends before they go back to their jobs Monday morning, the rebels in DC carry on their work, never stopping, never resting, never letting up. They tick off item after item, healthcare?? amnesty?? Internet?? until they’ve accomplished every single thing they set out to do.

The President’s first significant battle was healthcare.

In a dazzling display of misdirection, mis-communication, and outright lies, Obamacare was created, passed, and implemented. Whatever arguments were against socialized medicine, they’re moot now because that is the inevitable end of Obamacare. As any politician worth his salt will tell you, Obamacare is too entrenched, too interwoven into our society, to do away with it no matter what the consequences, no matter what the cost to freedom.And make no mistake, Obamacare was a battle between the President and the people of the United States.

Obama openly and brazenly defied the people’s will.

Every poll, even his own, showed strong opposition to the bill. Protests sprang up around the country, over a million in the square beneath the Capitol on the evening of the bill’s passage. Afterward Howard Fineman blogged the following on his Newsweek site:

“I’m sitting in the House Press Gallery writing a piece for Newsweek. It’s almost 10 pm and the House is moving toward a vote. On the plaza below, outside the Capitol, I can hear the remnants of a raucous Tea Party crowd. They are chanting “Nancy! Nancy!” and “Kill the Bill.” They just sang “God Bless America.” I’ve been around a while, and don’t remember a crowd of foes trying to shout down a bill from outside as the vote approached. Maybe it’s happened. Though the voices are faint, they’re worth noting–and remembering.”

You’re right, Mr. Fineman, the people’s voices should be noted and remembered because it was yet one more loud, unequivocal statement that America did not want this law; one more plea for their government to hear them.

But moving along, because that’s what Obama does best is to keep moving, immigration was up next…

Once again, it was and still is crystal clear that Americans do not want open borders or amnesty. They voted out 7-term House Majority Leader Eric Cantor who was a strong proponent for amnesty and went on to give Republicans a landslide victory in the 2014 elections. No secret that Obamacare and amnesty were the major reasons for the GOP wins.

So, having had his political head handed to him on a platter, Obama says to hell with it, I’ll go it alone.

Using his pen and phone, which as anyone knows, trumps the Constitution, Obama ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to let them all in. And stop calling them illegals. In fact, make them pseudo-legal with phony social security numbers, work permits, IRS refunds, and driver’s licenses.

Obama’s goal is that no one will be able to tell the difference be-tween those who broke into the country and the actual residents and again, he’s successful. Oh a federal court has ordered an injunction to stop the madness but Obama is so sure he’ll win, he’s ordered DHS to ignore the judge and keep following his orders.

Which brings us to Obama’s last item on his agenda, the Internet.

He’s been trying to control our communications since he was sworn in, tried to rid the airways of Fox news, used the FCC to silence talk radio, and oh yes, working tirelessly to own the Internet. Boy does he want that Internet. At first he simply tried to give the Internet away. He was slowed down on that front when Congress questioned his authority to transition key Internet domain name functions to the global multi-stakeholder community.

I say this slowed him down because he’s still pursuing it. He’s not deterred, never deterred. He’s like Bob Wiley in What About Bob? – “You think he’s gone? He’s not gone. That’s the whole point! He’s never gone!”

So he recently let the FCC know that he thinks all broadband should be regulated, (translation, put me in charge). Of course the FCC immediately took action and now, on February 26, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on “net neutrality.”

Obama’s pushing the meme that he’s trying to keep the Internet free and open, but that’s bogus on its face.

The Internet is already free and open. In fact it’s perfect.

So any meddling by the Federal government can only result in making it more costly and more restricted. Granted it’s not full control of the Internet, not yet anyway, but it puts the process in motion. There will be new rules, new taxes and fees, and new hurdles to access.

Like Obamacare, the changes will be paced so as not to arouse any serious pushback from the people, at least while those people still have enough of the Internet to be heard. But the end result is federal control of the web, of its service providers, website content, the whole works. Then the Obama Agenda will be complete, plan carried out, transformation done. The people will only hear what our government wants us to hear, will do what they tell us to do, and America as we know it, will be history.

How did this happen?

It happened because Obama and his left-wing socialist party is 100% de-voted to their work. They don’t let family or friends slow them down, they don’t retreat when they lose a skirmish, and they don’t back down when faced with impossible odds. They’re on fire, passionate, committed to their goals. Whereas on our side, we have a Congress whose only passion is fundraising and empire-building; the working schmucks, too numb and beaten down from the relentless pounding to fight back; a media comprised of egotistical power brokers dedicated to a utopian ideology; and our judges, narcissists committed to enacting their personal visions rather than the law.

So bottom line, the left-wing extremists, Obama, ISIS, all have a fire in their belly to bring down the free world. They’re relentless, unwavering, and seemingly unstoppable.

Who or what do we have to stop them?

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