The Second Revolution

Second Revolution by Jim KulasToBeRIGHT helps set the stage to do a lot of cool stuff…  Covering CPAC, being an invited guest on the radio, and product owners sending cool stuff to try out.  But mostly, the best thing about ToBeRIGHT are the relationships that develop with the readers, contributing authors, other bloggers and the huge patriot family that quietly live their lives across the nation, and indeed across the globe.

Well, some weeks ago, I was thrilled to receive a copy of the novel Second Revolution.  The author, Jim Kulas sent me a copy and a nice letter.  Since then, we’ve gotten to know each other over email.

I’m really happy that we connected and that I had a chance to read his book.

You should read it to.  Here’s the link over to Amazon.  I’ll wait while you go buy a copy…

What, you want to know what it’s about first?

Okay…fair enough…

It’s an exciting story that details how our steady loss of liberty reaches the point where “We the People have had enough.”

At various points in the story I paused just to remind myself that this is a novel.  Good works of fiction are both believable and possible. This one is.

The primary characters are interesting and likeable. When you finish reading, there’s the hint of sequel.

Here’s that link again – do yourself a favor and pick up a copy…


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