Terrorism & ISIS are Americans’ #1 Concern

The American public is swirling with many controversies, concerns and political opinions. People are taking to social media to voice concerns about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, party rules at the Republican National Convention and currently the buzz is due to the Democratic National Convention’s lack of flying Old Glory – although there have been Palestinian flags flying and even a former USSR flag was spotted.

Amidst all these (noteworthy) controversies and problems our nation is facing, you have to ask,

“Is this what Americans are really concerned about right now?”

Not according to a survey conducted earlier this month! Terrorism and ISIS are the primary concerns of 39% of those surveyed – this response was particularly noted in the 65+ crowd of respondents. Take a look at how Americans feel about our national security issues:


So what’s the answer? I know one thing:

Among 61 speeches last night at the Democratic National Convention, there wasn’t one mention of ISIS or terrorism.

I don’t think Americans should expect Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to take a stand against ISIS and terrorism!


  1. Justin Hoskins says

    So my generation’s main concern is climate change?That figures. Sad times indeed. Good piece

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