About Us

ToBeRIGHT is about a lot of things.  Questions that vex even the most potent thinkers of our time: Is the bluegrass sub-culture a conservative or a liberal enterprise?  Can you be so far right, you’re left?  Is there such a thing as a patriot liberal?  Are liberals always pacifists, or are they only pacifists when it suits political goals? Many questions, many answers, and all of them right.  But questions alone cannot describe a mission.  We examine many questions and give many answers (yes, there is a right and wrong answer to most problems).  To make it easy – there are some fundamentals, which, if understood completely, will answer most any question.

The US Constitution is a simple document, and does not magically change because human sentiment changes.

The First Amendment begins… “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”  What part of “prohibiting the free exercise thereof” don’t you understand?

We want lower taxes.  Progressive taxes punish achievement and reward laziness.

A traditional family with a Mom and a Dad is always the best option.

Rush said it best when he said, “Words mean things.” We agree.  We say what we mean and we mean what we say – so should our political leaders.

Marriage vows are taken before God and family.  If you can’t uphold them, what makes anyone think the offender can be trusted with lesser demands for honor?

Gun rights must be kept vibrant and healthy as the Constitution demands – it is our last best defense against tyranny.

Social Security is a scam and a rip off.  Abolish it!

We’re against racial profiling but in favor of terrorist profiling and criminal profiling.

Unions serve no useful purpose in today’s world other than to undermine capitalism and the very people they intend to serve.  Wipe out incentive and your enterprise will fail.

Teachers should have to pass a test that rivals the Bar Exam and then be paid very well right out of the gate.  Any subsequent increase should be strictly by merit.  Introduce competition and schools will improve.

The Federal Government derives its power from the People and the various States, not the other way around.

The Supreme Court does not have legislative power.  The Congress should act that way.

All people in all circumstances should be judged solely by their personal merit and achievement.  No other considerations should ever be applied.

These are the fundamentals by which we should all live.  Understand these, and you’ll know what it’s like to be Right.

The pages of this site are a labor of love; love of country and freedom granted by God. First conceived as an outlet to vent my frustrations, the site has developed into treasure chest of political and social commentary, as well as some downright funny satire. I am humbled that you are reading and will continue to try and provide interesting and thought-provoking articles and editorials. I may not always get it completely right, but of one thing you can be sure – every opinion will, at its core, be based on conservative philosophy.

Thanks again for reading.