A Novelist’s Invitation Down the Road to Tyranny

Back in 2000, when I wrote FORTY DAYS AT KAMAS, I often received comments that the dystopian future America I described in that novel, with its corrective labor camps, Department of State Security and President-for-Life, was too remote a possibility to be believed. Those comments stopped coming years ago. Today, my readers sometimes ask: “How far do you think we’ve come on … [Read more...]

News Stories You’ll See Before November

Apart from innumerable puff pieces heralding the overwhelming success of ObamaCare, we can expect a flood of this kind of news before the mid-term elections in Nov 2014. Expected from THE NEW YORK TIMES OBAMA CREATES NATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM TO REDUCE UNEMLLOYMENT Authorities say unemployment will drop to 2% within three months Training films for a variety of skills … [Read more...]

Holy S*%t – Watch This

This video is making the social media and blog rounds. When I watched, all I could say is, "Holy Sh&%t." You need to watch for yourself. Thanks, Irish for the headline... … [Read more...]

Team Obama’s Hopeless Stupidity

Revealing a stunning lack of understanding about the way business works, team Obama sets a new low for stupidity. Filing quarterly estimates are a way of life for most small businesses. Since there are some 23 million small businesses in the US, driving some 54% of all sales, you'd think team dumbass Obama would have at least a modicum of understanding. Or at least, maybe they … [Read more...]

Best Prepper Guns – 5 Guns Everybody Should Have

There are a ton of posts and videos about best prep and survival guns, and the vast majority are garbage. I just read one post by some fool that had just about everything wrong. Well, I don't have all the answers, but I do know where to go to get great info and P. Henry over at the Prepper Journal is always on the mark. The basics come down to this:  you need to protect your … [Read more...]