Trump Rules on Transgenders in the Military [INSERT LIBERAL SQUEALING HERE]

Everyone could hear it...the sound of the main stream media and liberals all across the land squealing like stuck pigs. If you aren't sure, here's the sound I'm talking about... Note how the hungry piggies are a perfect metaphor for the main stream media. Perfect! Still, no disrespect to the pigs, I'd like to publicly state my apology for using them to illustrate liberal … [Read more...]

News Stories You’ll See Before November

Apart from innumerable puff pieces heralding the overwhelming success of ObamaCare, we can expect a flood of this kind of news before the mid-term elections in Nov 2014. Expected from THE NEW YORK TIMES OBAMA CREATES NATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM TO REDUCE UNEMLLOYMENT Authorities say unemployment will drop to 2% within three months Training films for a variety of skills … [Read more...]

Holy S*%t – Watch This

This video is making the social media and blog rounds. When I watched, all I could say is, "Holy Sh&%t." You need to watch for yourself. Thanks, Irish for the headline... … [Read more...]

Team Obama’s Hopeless Stupidity

Revealing a stunning lack of understanding about the way business works, team Obama sets a new low for stupidity. Filing quarterly estimates are a way of life for most small businesses. Since there are some 23 million small businesses in the US, driving some 54% of all sales, you'd think team dumbass Obama would have at least a modicum of understanding. Or at least, maybe they … [Read more...]

Best Prepper Guns – 5 Guns Everybody Should Have

There are a ton of posts and videos about best prep and survival guns, and the vast majority are garbage. I just read one post by some fool that had just about everything wrong. Well, I don't have all the answers, but I do know where to go to get great info and P. Henry over at the Prepper Journal is always on the mark. The basics come down to this:  you need to protect your … [Read more...]