Everything You Need to Know About the Memos

The Obama FBI and Justice Department were, and are still today, corrupt.  Period.  I wish I could add something or lay it out in a more concise matter, but there is no better expert than Andrew McCarthy.  His column appeared in the National Review this morning.  It lays out the corruption top to bottom in a way that has never been done. It makes clear the … [Read more...]

Release the Memo! Here It Is…

People who have been paying attention already knew this, but no we have it straight from the House Intelligence Committee. Here's what you need to know: Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for a fake dossier to be compiled, which they passed to their cohorts in the FBI, who then used the dossier to get approval from the court to spy on Donald Trump and as the entire basis … [Read more...]

What Does Smaller Government Really Mean?

Smaller government is the foundation upon which conservative political philosophy is built. In this multi-part series, we’ll look at exactly what smaller government really means. Summary of What Smaller Government Means Reduced Spending - hard dollar reductions in government expenditures year over year. Fewer Regulations - at the end of 2016 there were 178,277 pages of … [Read more...]

They Are S**t Holes…

Every time we go to post something these days, it's about a mass liberal temper tantrum.  Since it's such a regular thing, we're just going to create a new category for them.  The latest is because Donald Trump supposedly said something to the effect of:  "Why do you (democrats) want  to keep letting people from these shithole countries in here?" Here's … [Read more...]

Trump Rules on Transgenders in the Military [INSERT LIBERAL SQUEALING HERE]

Everyone could hear it...the sound of the main stream media and liberals all across the land squealing like stuck pigs. If you aren't sure, here's the sound I'm talking about... Note how the hungry piggies are a perfect metaphor for the main stream media. Perfect! Still, no disrespect to the pigs, I'd like to publicly state my apology for using them to illustrate liberal … [Read more...]