10 Steps to Being a Democrat in the 21st Century*

*Note the Following Article is not endorsed by the Democratic National Committee 1. Deny Your History The first hundred years of Democratic party history was pro-slavery, civil war and racism. The Republican party was founded to oppose slavery. Because of these facts, it's better to ignore and forget history altogether. When confronted with history, highlight parts of the … [Read more...]

Putting Together a Home Bar – A Tribute to John Boehner

Stocking up your home bar is not a topic usually covered here. So, to bring some coherence to the topical nature of this latest post, we hereby dedicate it to our ineffectual, drunken Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Cheers, John. With that little dedication out of the way... Everybody should have the basics of a bar at home. When friends and family come by it's … [Read more...]

Not a Good Time to be Jewish

Not since the 1940’s has it been so dangerous to be Jewish. The shooting in Denmark, the shootings at the Jewish Grocery in Paris (that Obama said was random) and the other anti-Semitism activities spreading across Europe have led Israeli and European Jewish leaders asking European Jews to come home to the safety of Israel. In Israel they probably are safer from the lone wolf … [Read more...]

What Happened To The Landslide?

One of my top New Year’s Resolutions was to write a posting for a conservative blog in 2014. That’s right, 2014, not 2015. Unfortunately, a number of intervening events distracted me from this particular resolution. The good news is that I was still able to cross my main 2014 resolution off the list. I completed my first novel that will hit the market later this month. Too … [Read more...]

Eddie Murphy to Paul Ryan…

I hear the GOP is not getting many donations. Good. They don't deserve them. Why on earth would I send money to a bunch of clowns, who have no idea what to say to the American people, or how to say it? I've been getting emails from Paul Ryan…Team Ryan. I've counted some dozen emails over the last month. Not one of these emails says anything to me other than, "We have to … [Read more...]