2010 Election Prediction

Okay - I'm setting myself up to a pounding from my liberal followers.  But so be it...I'm not afraid to be wrong.  Here is the official ToBeRIGHT 2010 midterm election prediction.  I'm going way out on a limb here. House - the Republicans win 70+ seats.  Between the generic ballot and other key election indicators I think it's gonna be a blood bath. Senate - The … [Read more...]

Election Day Blogs to Watch

Here's a quick list of the people I'll be watching tonight. Also be sure to get on Twitter and follow me @tobeRIGHT - I'll be in the northern Virginia Command Center with a brain trust of patriots. The Conservative Hideout always has something good to say. Political Realities is always thoughtful.  Some good stuff coming out of these pages. A personal favorite, sharp … [Read more...]

New Hampsire Polling Place Shooting

Fox News has an AP report that two people have been shot at a New Hampshire polling place. Here is the Breaking News Report: Published November 02, 2010 | Associated Press New Hampshire State Police say two people have been shot in the North Country town of Pittsburg and a suspect is on the loose. Police say one of the victims was shot in the chest and "is not doing … [Read more...]

Polling Irregularities?

And we're off! I voted this morning at the Gainesville Middle School in Gainesville, VA. This is the 11th District of Virginia and the race is between committed leftist Gerry Connolly and conservative businessman Keith Fimian. Guess who I voted for? I lingered for a while outside the school, chatting with the guy handing out Republican sample ballots. This is a job I … [Read more...]

The Christine O’Donnell TV Ad the Media Doesn’t Want You to See

I could hardly believe it when I heard that the public access TV station "forgot" to run the 30 minute spot Christine O'Donnell purchased - not once, but twice!  Unbelievable.  The Washington Post has the full story. Regardless of the reasons given - I smell a rat. Oh well. Since the main stream media won't do it, it's up to us to take matters into our own hands.  Watch … [Read more...]