To Save The Republic

Though I may not agree with the outcome of the presidential election, I am more proud to be an American today than yesterday. I will continue to serve this nation, I will continue to be her shield and I will continue to love her. It has long been the duty of the few to protect the many. Today however it seems that the few are scarce and the many too great. This still does … [Read more...]

Live Election Results Map

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President Obama Blames Hurricane on Romney

At a campaign stop in Ohio today, Barack Obama blamed Hurricane Sandy on Mitt Romney and the Republicans in Congress.  The President's spokesman clarified the sentiment by explaining how Obama can change the weather in a second term, and that Romney should take responsibility for any injuries that may be caused from the massive storm. "When I took office, it was the moment … [Read more...]

When Is The Presidential Election

When is the presidential election? Here information about the 2012 election and also about past dates. The next election will be November 6, 2012. Looking at past election results can give us some interesting insight into the ebb and flow of electoral politics and about the political mood of the country. Economics. global politics, and geo-political events can all shape … [Read more...]

Obama’s Pitiful Cry For $3

I had to laugh when I got the email...  Obama begging for money.  Of course, all politicians beg for money, but this one seemed so much more pathetic than usual. The pitch - if you could call it that - begins with Obama admitting he's getting beat.  Then he goes on about how it's all because Romney does nothing but hang around mean rich people. Then, the really fun part. … [Read more...]