Putting Together a Home Bar – A Tribute to John Boehner

Stocking up your home bar is not a topic usually covered here. So, to bring some coherence to the topical nature of this latest post, we hereby dedicate it to our ineffectual, drunken Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Cheers, John. With that little dedication out of the way... Everybody should have the basics of a bar at home. When friends and family come by it's … [Read more...]

The Celebration Generation

Christmas is right around the corner and you know what that means, get the decorations up, shop around the clock, and use every spare moment to wrap and plan. Millions of dollars and thousands of hours will go into preparations for this single day. But is all this hubbub really necessary for a birthday? Granted it's for the 'King of Kings but didn't they used to celebrate … [Read more...]

Fornicating to Hendrix and Burning Bras – Today’s Rebel

Justice is never as sweet as revenge. Subversives have, historically, always gone way overboard whenever they’ve succeeded. What happens when the so-called “counterculture” becomes - all of the sudden - the mainstream culture? Do the counterculturists keep challenging the status quo? Not hardly. Oddly, they keep fighting the exact same fight whether it makes … [Read more...]

Han Shot First! Not According to George Lucas

We've written a good bit about Hollywood liberals and their evident insanity.  But this takes the cake. Did you know that George Lucas 1) Thinks of the United States as the evil empire and that 2) He re-shot the bar scene with Han Solo so that Han did not shoot first? I have never seen Bill Whittle do anything short of brilliant, and this is no exception.  Watch and … [Read more...]

The Scourge of Planned Parenthood

This is just breaking...  Karen Handel's resignation as CEO from Koman should infuriate every person who has been touched by breast cancer.  Ms. Handel is a patriot and a real stand-up woman. Planned Parenthood is a scourge.  They kill some 350,000 babies a year.  Their name alone makes me sick to my stomach. My past support for Koman will be directed elsewhere from this … [Read more...]