Patriot Group Stand Up Against Gun Confiscation

10 years ago if someone had told me that citizens must register their firearms or face arrest, I'd have said they were crazy.  5 years ago, I'd have said, "I wouldn't put it past Obama."  And now here we are.  The bitch about it is that it's the state of Connecticut infringing on the people's right to bear arms.  I suppose that's better than the feds doing it. Here we have a … [Read more...]

On the Rise: Guns Being Stolen from Cars

Guns kept in cars, especially visible and unlocked, are an invitation to thieves. Law enforcement officials in St. Louis recently reported that their tally of guns stolen from cars was up to 100. Sutherland, UK reports the theft of a shotgun and 2 rifles, while Carlise, England has reported recent thefts of an air soft rifle and Glasgow has a similar report. A gun and wallet … [Read more...]

7 Real Life Stories of Concealed Carry Preventing Crime

Concealed carry laws prevent crime, it's as simple as that.  Stories are all over the news, but of course the national media gives these local stories scant attention. The NRA regularly publishes stories of law abiding citizens preventing crime with firearms.  Here are a few recent stories... Joseph Eisel, 51, was asleep with his wife around 3 a.m. when he woke to a … [Read more...]

Virginia Tech Massacre: Victim’s Family Speaks Out Against More Gun Control

Six years ago today, the second-deadliest act of mass murder to happen at a U.S. school tragically unfolded itself on Virginia Tech's Blacksburg campus. On April 16th, 2007 in the early morning light, Seung-Hui Cho armed himself with a Glock 19 (9mm) and a Walther P22 (.22 caliber) and proceeded to murder 32 Virginia Tech students and staff before taking his own life. He also … [Read more...]

Only Carry a Gun When You’re About To Be Murdered

Do you only buckle your seat belt if you think you're going to be in an accident? Of course not! You (should) buckle up every time you hop in your car. You never know when you're going to be in a deadly accident. Once your car starts careening off a cliff is a little late to buckle up, so you should always be prepared. Buckle up, mate! Is it any different when it comes to … [Read more...]