Russia Today Anchor Rips Putin and Quits On The Air

You have to hand it to her - she is a brave, brave woman! You can feel the emotion in her words. … [Read more...]

Libya Gives Obama the Finger

We all know that Barack Obama is dangerous on many fronts.  He is attempting to strip Americans of their freedom.  He and his clown cabinet are traveling the world apologizing for how terrible the United States of America is - commonly referred to as the "great apology tour." Well, here's what it has gotten him.  The NoKo's are regularly launching missiles, China and India … [Read more...]

Obama’s Middle East Trip – Fawning Press

Isn't this working out nicely for Obama? I have never seen such an overt display of partisanship by the supposedly objective media before now. Yes, this is outright partisanship, not bias.  We're long past bias. Bias is when maybe an extra benefit of doubt is hinted, or when maybe the number of positive stories outweights the negative ones by a small margin. No, my friends, … [Read more...]