Outrageous? Cops Wrote 12,700 Speeding Tickets for 1,260 Feet of Road

A small town in Florida is being scrutinized for corruption after its police officers issued 12,698 speeding tickets between 2011 and 2012 on a stretch of road just over a third of a kilometer in length. Hampton, Florida boasts only 477 residents, but its law enforcement generated $151,000 in speeding fines in 2012 alone. This is mostly a result of the state road running … [Read more...]

The Party of No? We Don’t Need To Be

We're all screaming about smaller government, lower taxes and an adherence to Constitution.  These are the principles behind the Tea Party Patriots and are essential tenants of the conservative movement. But what does that mean? We've spent a lot of time going over all that we dislike about government, but what do conservatives really want to do? And as a more practical … [Read more...]