Killing The Retards

Editors Note:  My friend, Susan Cloud, posted this over at RedState. It should be read and shared far and wide. Please share! Ann Coulter tweeted something rather offensive during Monday’s Presidential debate in which she used the word “retard,” and the entire world is now up in arms calling her an insensitive hatemonger. I have my own opinions about the hysteria over this … [Read more...]

Calling All Conservatives – Sherrod Brown and Abortion

Did you know that essentially every time Sherrod Brown has the opportunity to vote in favor of preserving innocent human life, he chooses to do just the opposite? Indeed, throughout his far-too-many years in the House and Senate, he has invariably voted not only to uphold abortion-on-demand, but to continue using our tax dollars to pay for it. Worse yet, he consistently … [Read more...]

Liberal Language and the Vicious Cult of Diversity

Leftists often begin arguments with an unusual qualifier: “As a Latino…” or “As a woman…”- seemingly superfluous statements when it’s self-evident to all that, yes indeed, they do appear to be Latino or a woman. We can all see this, so why remind us? We all know that the Left has always been obsessed with race, gender and sexual orientation, but I could never quite make … [Read more...]

Liberal Language – What Words Mean To The Left

Last week I went to the grocery store in Gainesville, VA. On my way out, I noticed a woman had a little table set up and was collecting signatures for something. Against my better judgement, I walked over. She represented the Green Party. She was collecting signatures to "End Government Subsidies to Oil Companies and Use the Money for Rail." The conversation went … [Read more...]

Must See Occupod Video

First, a big hat tip to my friends at the Conservative Hideout for the heads up on this video.  The Occupy movement is, if not dead, at least kind of an embarrassing afterthought these days.  Still, the young commies are still out there railing against private property, capitalism, individualism and any other freedom-laced idea. So it was heartening to see this video.  A kid … [Read more...]