Disturbing Leftist Violence

When you publish a blog, you have to develop a thick skin.  It comes with the territory.  There are some 150,000 words I have written on these pages over the past several years and plenty of room for criticism.  From typos to grammatical errors to positions that I got wrong - it all happens.  When I do get criticism, I take it in stride.  Most of it is kindly pointed out by … [Read more...]

Leftist Violence? Who Knew?

The news media in all of its various incarnations wanted desperately for the Arizona murders to have been committed by a Tea Party activist.  No such luck.  At least a Bush supporter...nope.  Not so much as an AM radio station tuned to the dial. Oh well, that didn't stop some of them.  Clowns like Sheriff Dupnik continued with the wild assertion that there was linkage … [Read more...]